PSOE and PP reach depletion on 23-J

After linking two election campaigns, the two main parties, PSOE and PP, reached the end of the marathon with great difficulty. The celebs start out as favorites in the competition, but showed signs of fatigue this past week. The Socialist Workers Party is trying to reverse the ballot, appealing to return and mobilize an electorate that turned its back on it in the recent municipal and regional elections.

The People’s Party took the lead and the leading vote in almost the entire campaign, but in the past week it has accumulated some serious errors, and while it is not yet clear whether these setbacks will ultimately affect the polls, they have led to confusion among voters.

Alberto Núñez Viejo’s decision, TV’s only head-to-head winner, to remove himself from the debate on RTVE, which had a prominent audience, gave PSOE, Sumar and Vox free speech for the absentee leader of the People’s Party. The president of the Ultra Party, Santiago Abascal, owned the land to spread his electoral platform Under criticism formed the tandem Pedro Sanchez and Yolanda Diaz.

President of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, at the conclusion of the election campaign in A Coruña


Feijóo didn’t help in this final phase either The different accounts he gave these days about his relationship with drug dealers Marcial Dorado. The Labor leader has tried to deflect criticism over his friendship with the drug trafficker in the 1990s. First, he asserted that when he met him he did not know what he had done because “before that there was neither Google nor the Internet”. Yesterday, he admitted in an interview in Cobb that when the two were photographed on a yacht, Dorado was “a smuggler. A smuggler, never a drug dealer.”

This confused strategy is not only attributed to the Genoese leadership. Yesterday in Victoria The People’s Party agreed with Bildu – the number one force in the city – to distribute the chairmanship of the municipal committees of the City Council, excluding the PSE and PNV. The reaction was immediate. Those with the slogan “Que te vote Txapote” are allies of the “filoetarra” party. Bad business a day before the election, especially since the popular leader in the interview published this week in vanguard He did not want to censor this controversial phrase with which they attack Pedro Sanchez.

The agreement between PP and Bildu had been in effect for a few hours, and after the controversy surfaced, yesterday’s public decided to take a step back.

Weiss defines Yolanda Diaz as “a neo-communist outfit made from scraps of Dior”

The Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES), headed by former Prime Minister Jose María Aznar and linked to the People’s Party, contributed to this bizarre end to the campaign. He published an editorial calling Yolanda Diaz “a neo-communist outfit hastily made from scraps of Dior and humble self-help literature.” Some of the comments were dismissed as “macho” by the Sumar board.

At PSOE they don’t take anything for a loss. En Ferraz confirms that Feijóo will not be able to sum up Vox They suggested different scenarios in which they do not rule out that Pedro Sanchez could reshuffle the government.

The head of government and candidate of the Socialist Workers' Party, Pedro Sanchez, this Friday in Getafe

The head of government and candidate of the Socialist Workers’ Party, Pedro Sanchez, this Friday in Getafe


Aware that the Socialists have been punished more by the agreements with EH Bildu and the ERC than by the popular ones through the agreements in town halls and autonomy with Vox, yesterday Sanchez accused Figo of using the “scarecrow” for a possible referendum in Catalonia and the Basque Country to intimidate his voters. Claimed by Republicans and Albertzales in this election campaign. He stressed that “it does not fall within the Spanish constitution or any constitution in the world.”

On the last day of the campaign, the socialist leader also claimed that a large majority would rule with the formation of Yolanda Diaz and therefore not have to negotiate laws with the “15 parties” as in this legislature.

In Vitoria, PP agrees with Bildu on city council committees and, in the face of backlash, corrects

The future of Sanchez and Diaz is linked, as is the future of Figo and Abascal. The struggle to be the third power between Soumar and Fox may end up being decided by post-election pactsIf in the end there was no clear winner, but advantageous voting dominated the electoral results of these two formations.

The same applies to the pro-independence and regional parties, which had difficulty raising their heads during this campaign, which restored old partisan tendencies. In Catalonia, the struggle for second and third places has been disputed by ERC and Junts, who want to maintain their influence in Madrid, although what results the popular Catalans can get is still not visible, because some opinion polls put them ahead of the two pro-independence forces.

Tomorrow the result will be known and it will be known in whose hands the rule of Spain will be, if there is no siege.

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