PSOE rises from the ashes of 28-M to improve the outcome of the 2019 election

PSOE rose from the ashes of the 28-M entrusted to Pedro Sanchez who rose again Like the impossible pattern. The silver bullet for electoral progress on July 23rd made what seemed like a utopia, carve out a change of government that the right was hammering halfway through a legislature, look like nothing short of a miracle. With an epic, heart-pumping comeback, the Prime Minister has outdone himself with a new demonstration of his Resistance Handbook. Again against the odds, in the same way that Sanchez was elected PSOE General Secretary in 2014 and in 2017 And he won a 2018 motion of no confidence against Mariano Rajoy.

Defeat tastes like victory in Ferraz. The People’s Party has not completed the referendum on sanchismo, sanctioned under co-government agreements with Vox in the Valencian Community and Extremadura and in dozens of city halls. The result is a victory that is not enough for him to reach La Moncloa, With the support of the party of Santiago Abascal and with the hypothetical support of the UPN and the Alliance of the Canary Islands, in the scenario of a possible institutional blockade. The presence of the far right in the equation automatically makes it impossible to align with the other forces and encourages Sanchez to pursue the inauguration.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, first of all, to all Spaniards who voted and showed democratic behavior commensurate with a great democracy like ours. Thank you Spain because we showed the world that we are a strong and clean democracy, a great democracy. Thanks to all the millions of voters who voted for the PSOE, we have more votes, more seats and more percentage than four years ago. Thank you from my heart. It is a source of pride, honor and a huge responsibility,” celebrated Sanchez, who was uncongratulatory in Joe with his victory, in the middle of the night on a stage set up in Ferraz.

I called early elections Because I thought we had to decide which path we take as a society: a path of progress or a path of retrograde like that of PP and Vox. I think Spain was very clear. The withdrawal bloc, which proposed the complete cancellation of progress, has failed. There are many of us who want Spain to continue to advance, so the Spaniards, comrades, we are more, many, we want Spain to advance and it will continue to be so! from the crowd. The real party was not in Genoa. Vice President Teresa Ribera and ministers like María Jesus Montero, Pilar Alegria, Mikel Eseta, Isabel Rodriguez, Diana Morant and Felix Bolaños gave it their all on an unimaginable night while waiting for Sanchez, Pedro by Rafaela Cara. Soundtrack blue summer For a few seconds, a PP campaign mockery rang out.

Even the Socialists improved 120 seats for 2019 and secured an extra 930,000 votes – 7.7 million, down from the 300,000 from the People’s Party, 100,000 fewer than in municipal and regional elections less than two months ago – despite a very difficult legislature in which they had to manage the worst pandemic in a century, the highest inflation in 40 years, and the daily wear and tear of a country. Fragmented parliament and constant attacks by the CEO.

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PSOE Spokesperson of the Madrid City Council, Reyes Maroto, Minister of Culture, Mikel Esita, Spokesperson of the Minister, Isabel Rodríguez, Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, dance at the doors of the party headquarters during election night at 23J.

Sanchez’s “good vibrations” that day mobilized progressive voters who had spotted in Ferraz and La Moncloa in recent days, but remained under the radar of major polling stations, which predicted a comfortable victory for the People’s Party with an advantage of up to 40 deputies over the PSOE. The final week of the campaign was decisive in supporting the resistance of the Socialists, who held out much better than might have been expected with a rival gene that did not appear in 28-M. The mistakes made by Feijóo were in the final stage to be forgotten a left-wing impulse, which was activated when the media could no longer publish daily opinion polls, prompted by the mistakes of the PP candidate, who began the week falsely stating in an interview on RTVE that his party had voted for a pension hike and ended the campaign by admitting that Marcial Dorado was a smuggler when they became friends In the nineties. The last enemy of socialism has relegated to oblivion the frustrated expectations of a face-to-face confrontation at the start of the campaign between Sánchez and Vigo. The bad taste left by the President in the debate with the leader of the People’s Party seemed to have led the SWP to disaster, but the party collapsed in a last act of faith.

PSOE’s reaction would not have been possible without the timely convergence of some of the first decisions of the PP and Vox governments in communities and town halls. The impact of the suppression of environmental departments in the Balearic Islands or La Rioja, of equality departments in localities or Censorship of children’s films By attending a gay couple for a few seconds or Plays by Virginia Woolf Or Lope de Vega contributed to the rally of abstentionists who stayed home at 28 -M. Balancing the People’s Party with Vox’s denial of sexual violence or climate change punishes Feijóo enough. His impact was key to Andalusia regaining its status as the PSOE’s traditional granary, retaining 21 seats compared to 25 in 2019 – the concern in the PSOE was losing up to eight seats, one per province. PSC flexed its muscles and won in Catalunya with a huge rise from 12 to 19 seatswhile for ex-generals one seat in Valencian society grew (from 10th to 11th), as did Madrid.

Another factor that sufficiently clogged Socialist voters out of apathy was the hard-liners’ reaction to the insults and derogatory epithets that had become the rallying cry of the right. Songs like “Perro Sánchez” have become a slogan and a source of pride. Attempts to demobilize SWP voters hit the bone.

The score also has its own internal reading in PSOE. The revenge that so many barons were counting on, as they sharpened their knives after the institutional debacle of 28-M that wiped out six of the nine governments they presided over and many city councils, will have to wait. Those who underestimated the PSOE and Sánchez were the big losers in the election from which Sánchez emerged alive. once again.

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