Puig lifted government delegate Pilar Bernabe to second after 28m

Change of depth in the executive power of the Valencian Socialists after a better-than-expected resistance 23-j. The Secretary General of the PSPV, Ximo Puig, proposed on Monday to raise the government’s delegate to the Valencian Community, Pilar Bernabe, to the second rank of his party.

The person who aspires to become the supreme institutional authority of the socialists after the disaster of regional and municipal governments (provided that Pedro Sánchez can form a government) will be the deputy general secretary of the party. This was approved unanimously by the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the Valencian Socialists held on Monday.

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Bernabé is gaining prominence in a game where the debate over Ximo Puig’s succession has already begun, albeit in a very coy way. Now, with the socialists’ good score in generals and the option to re-issue executive power, the waters are sure to go down a lot quieter. With everything, Puig is trying to position his pawns well for what could happen in the medium and long term.

In addition to the appointment of Burnaby, the Executive Branch also endorsed the appointment of the Secretary General of the PSPV He would make his position as a provincial deputy compatible with that of a provincial senator. The other person chosen is Rocio Briones, Botànic’s general manager of hiring to date.

Puig explained in a statement that “the Valencian Socialists are beginning a time when we must reinvigorate and reinvigorate the party and strengthen political action” and advanced that “this week we will celebrate a parliamentary day in which we will define the model of opposition that we will do in the coming months”.

agreement between partners

The People’s Party of Independence agrees with Vox for its third candidate for the Senate

The People’s Parliamentary Caucus also put forward a proposal to appoint regional senators and their deputies. Those appointees are the camps of Gerardo, Teresa Belmonte and Fernando Carbonell. The latter, as they explained in the PP, is an independent that has agreed with Vox to “appoint a civil society representative of recognized standing.” Carbonell is the Clinical Chief of the General and Gastrointestinal Surgery Service at La Vie Hospital.

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Knowing the names of the PP and PSPV proposals, the name of the provincial senator who will propose the compromises remains unknown. As I learned vanguard, this afternoon, there was a very tense meeting between Mays and Iniciativa where they did not get along. Mays wants former Les Corts president Enric Morera, while Iniciativa suggests it should be current Senator Carles Mulet. Otherwise, they explained, the regional agreement signed by the coalition to run in the elections will collapse and a new compromise crisis will open.

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