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Carles Puigdemont smiled Sunday night at his Republican home in Waterloo. He continued to smile yesterday, seeing himself on the front pages of the press as the door to judgment in Spain while the prosecution urged his arrest. The former president would not display the key publicly as Josep Luis Carrod Rovera did in 2004 to open the triple door, but left the window open. Asking for amnesty and a referendum Bound on the windowsill waiting for Pedro Sanchez.

The force with which the acting prime minister ruled out electoral repetition before SWP executives dared convince the Güntz leadership that there was little room for socialist maneuver: “They wouldn’t dare.”

PSOE did not contact Junts and Salvador Ella will remain on the sidelines to protect the autonomy of the alternative in Catalonia; Sumar and his chief negotiator, Jaume Assens, officially. Apart from the good relationship Asens had with Puigdemontism, his appointment to the Junts is an anecdote. What’s more, with Sanchez’s speech, they opened the campaign for the second round of 23J.

Junts strategy involves avoiding responsibility Electoral repetition: “It depends on them.”. The argument includes acknowledging that “the political struggle continues” despite the fact that Sanchez declared in Europe that it had been resolved. And cases of “retaliation”, “spying on”, “hackers” have been reported… Jordi Turol doesn’t see Sanchez’s installation “anywhere”, he admitted at RAC 1 but there is a “window of opportunity”. “We may not have had another one like this in 50 years,” he admitted.

In Junts there is no consensus on the strategy, but it will go along the path laid out by the previous boss

In Junts there is no consensus on strategy, but the path that Puigdemont plots will be followed. The pragmatists want to put the seven deputies in Madrid to “play” now. “It’s a kind of lottery that we won.” On the table is not only amnesty and a referendum, but also the protection of blocs, skills and investment in infrastructure. Nothing more, nothing less than what Teresa Jorda of the ERC has repeated: “More trains, more tracks, more services, more rights, movement towards a referendum”.

Denying the presidency and returning to elections could be “either good or fatal”, warn Jontes skeptics, and if the outcome is “fatal”, it will already be too late. They emit some fatigue and the “fallen arms” of some during this campaign did not go unnoticed in the face of Puigdemontism.

The campaign and 23-J’s results have been “100% together,” and they defend themselves at the top, and their administration will have the same seal. During the last legislature, Gontz abstained from any negotiations with the government and now the ballot box puts it before “window of opportunity”. However, the main goal of the window opened by Jordi Turol is to modify the “unilateral strategy” of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission in the independence movement and to try to impose Yonets’ hypotheses. “The expansion of the ERC base has ended up shrinking the base,” and they maintain their post-convergence trend.

With the inauguration key, Junts aspires to enforce its strategy and ERC corner in its fall election

Turol repeats his “theory of descent” over and over—some rise and others descend to find themselves on the same floor—and positions the Diada as the opportune moment to restore the independence movement’s image of unity. It’s a chance to ‘evolve in Catalonia’ and put Junts in the centre. The options are many: a joint ERC-Junts in Congress -before office-, a joint strategy in Catalonia, to restore confidence and “progress” towards the Junts pel Sí format that united republicans and close candidates in 2015 …

but ERC self-criticism is not a change of direction. The Republicans spent the day analyzing their results and speculating on Gonz’s move. Pierre Aragon will make his remarks, but far from the institutionalism with which the municipal election disaster has been covered up. In the ERC, they launched the Committees for the Protection of Competition before the PP-Vox government and the conditions for Sanchez’s installation have matured, but the current scenario leaves them at the mercy of Puigdemont and weakens their position after losing more than 411,000 votes and six seats.

They declared in the ERC that they were victims of double voting and polarization, and asserted that their losses were not Gonts’ gains, leaving 138,000 votes and the CUP, 149,000 out of Congress. The IRC is in a hurry to negotiate with Sanchez, but Younes is now setting the times and the motto is “Don’t rush.”

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