“Rave” with divine approval

Electronic music lover Rafael Balares, parish priest of Divina Pastora de Malaga, and at the beginning of the year. He had read in the press about some festivities being celebrated in unique places of the city and he saw it clearly. He contacted the organizers and suggested moving one of those events to the courtyard of the old monastery of the Capuchin Brotherhood, from the eighteenth century. In the spring, fifty people danced with a DJ a step away from the temple and the closet, which remained locked. “I love that club culture From Berlin, to find new places and give them another meaning, ”says Rev. Lemrouji Grana Club It was a godsend. Thirty-year-olds Araceli Martín and Candela Montero, who since 2018 have been organizing semi-spontaneous parties in unusual places for Technique or the a house. From neighborhood bar to club, A.J parking or parish environment. Also sell on Malaga mountainsThe next conference will be held on July 22.

Events present a bizarre mixture of styles among the audience, framed by the most unexpected landscapes. Creatives from Málaga are always looking for unique spaces away from the usual festive circuit and out of the centre. “From there, it’s almost worth it,” says Montero, 38. She spent hours and hours rambling through neighborhoods with her friend to find those nooks, whose requirements are limited to having bathrooms, a bar, and dining space, because parties are celebrated during the day. They start at noon and finish before midnight to avoid noise problems. It’s the closest thing to a file Rave in the city. The short notice with which they announce appointments gives them a touch of anticipation and improvisation which today’s entertainment lacks. They are free and always invite many DJs who play music styles that go from rap to disco or electronica. Already rare rhythms in the historic center of Malaga, they have been upgraded, taken over by bars for tourists and places for nightlife where reggaeton reigns. “We realized there wasn’t a place we liked, and in the end, we decided to create it ourselves,” confirms Martyn, 39.

Araceli Martin Chicano (in an orange skirt) and Candela Montero, promoter of Garana Club, in Malaga on July 7, 2023.Garcia Santos (El Pais)

The two had been away from the capital, Malaga, for some time. Candela Montero went to study in Madrid and lived for years in France and Colombia. She returned in 2016 and is now working overtime between the Date Center Benalmadena and the cultural management agency, Mångata. Araceli Martín studied fine arts in Granada and then obtained a master’s degree in photography in Madrid, where she lived until 2017. Back home, she directed the experimental music festival Flama – starring only women – and I paid the Catering Feast. Meanwhile, they met through mutual friends. Considering the lack of spaces to listen to and dance to electronic music, they decided to get down to business. If it does not exist, it must be created.

Today’s parties

His first foray was into a bar in the Western District, Close to La Termica Cultural Center, where a concert was held that night. it worked. Then try El Ejido, north of downtown. worked too. There they took the step of evolving the concept a bit: the parties stopped being nocturnal and became daytime. Then they went to New Mariano, a classic in the heart of the La Trinidad neighborhood, with religious ornamentation on the walls, carajillos at the bar and the occasional chessboard on the tables. “They were attracted to the idea and we gave it a try,” they say. They invited musician Elphomega to DJ. The event was a success and they repeated it in the same area, now in Peña Trinitaria. An influx of audience filled the square where the venue was located.

And so they decided to stage their next party – last winter – in a nearby lot that served as a parking lot. “We’ve traveled a lot Car parking To suggest the idea, but everyone looked at us with a crazy face. And in the end, look, we got one,” says Montero. They also went through a bar in Pedregalejo and then chose a beach bar on Huelin Beach and it overflowed.

Another moment from the Garana Club festivities, at La Peña Trinitaria, on November 12, 2022.
Another moment from the Garana Club festivities, at La Peña Trinitaria, on November 12, 2022.

Then came the invitation of Rafael Pallares and the Garana promoters fulfilled another of their expectations. For the parish priest, this was “a way of building bridges between church and culture” and for them it was “a blast”. It was the only party where the number of attendees was restricted due to capacity issues and the roster was closed just an hour after they released the call on social media. They have now focused on identifying spaces where there is more capacity and they have the facilities to run everything comfortably. The next day will take place on Saturday, July 22nd, at Españita Sale, a roadside restaurant serving traditional food in the surroundings of Los Montes de Málaga Natural Park. Next? “Whatever comes,” they conclude with intrigue.

All the culture that goes with you is waiting for you here.



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