Regular opening of polling stations in the Valencian region

The 6,167 polling stations in the Valencian Community took place on Sunday completely normally and in a “quick and efficient” way, as reported by the Government’s delegate to the Valencian Community, Pilar Bernabe.

The government rep explained that there were only minor incidents, such as a “bit disconnect” from someone who forgot the tablet, but overall it was one of the “fastest” table constitutions remembered at this data center.

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Salvador Ingoix, Hector Sanjuan

Burnaby also mentioned that all the members of the tables had turned up, so he didn’t have to turn to people who weren’t called in the first place, and they were formed quite naturally.

Asked if there was a greater influx of voters first thing in the morning than in other previous elections, Burnaby replied that such data was not provided.

More than 9,000 members of the state security forces and weapons who will ensure the safety of the day

The Government delegate conveyed recognition to all persons appointed as members of the polling stations for their commitment and prompt effectiveness in setting up the polling stations.

In the same way, he also thanked the work of more than 3,000 administrative officials who worked in society to ensure the effective constitution of the tables, and to the more than 9,000 members of the state security forces and corps who will ensure the safety of the day.

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A man selects a ballot paper at a polling station.

Bill Allino/EFE

A total of 3,727,999 people from the Valencian community were invited to today’s elections (1,990,911 in Valencia, 1,306,271 in Alicante and 430,817 in Castellón).

Similarly, 181,765 people requested to vote by mail, a record high due to the election coinciding with the summer holidays.

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