Renfe asks for “maximum leniency” for the driver who was driving the derailed Alvia

Renfe’s lawyer on Thursday requested “maximum leniency” for train driver Francisco José Garzón Amo who, on July 24, 2013, drove the Alvia of Ourense that derailed at the A Grandeira curve, before entering the Santiago station.

Presenting the final conclusions, the representative of the carrier made special emphasis on the fact that this engine is “the only guarantor of undetected vulnerabilities.”

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“Everything was fine, but it was not enough,” said this lawyer, noting that Garzón Amo had received a call from the controller on board, Antonio Martín Marugan, “in the worst possible place for security purposes.”

This lawyer stressed that those calls to the company’s mobile phone, which Garzón had to attend to, “were not an emergency” and also “absolutely not necessary” because the driver and the defendant could not have resolved the issue that had been raised, which was to facilitate the disembarkation of a family in Pontedeume (A Coruña), a point located more than 100 kilometers from the accident site.

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Renfe’s lawyer resoundingly asserted that what caused the 100-second conversation was that Garzon Amo gave up his “mental drive point.”

And although this lawyer has admitted to scrapping the “strong” recognition point, and moving from ERTMS to ASFA, he said that if he had not progressed in this way after discovering the failures, the hypothesis might be having an experience due to an accident but with a theory diametrically opposed to the existing one, which It will be “cause no outage with all known data”.

To this he added another remark, namely, that “the system, at that singular and critical moment, did not help him.”


The trial, which has been held in the City of Culture since October 5, 2022, will end next week, three days after the tenth anniversary of the railway tragedy, with the interventions of the believers in Adif and Ranfi next Wednesday. The defendants’ defences, Garzón Amo, and former head of security for Adif Circulation Andrés Cortabitarte.

Later, the presiding magistrate, Elena Fernández Coras, will have to issue a verdict expected for the last period of the year.

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