Rosa Torres Pardo: “We must use the term sexual violence as long as it exists”

Rosa Torres Pardo (Madrid, 63) knows how to apply music to life like few others. From its piano mechanics, this exceptional compiler can unleash a musical analysis of the electoral panorama that many political scientists would like the story to have already. This coming weekend, he will resume in Fiableno (Leon) the outdoor concert experience that he has promoted Edward Brooke in the Laciana Valley. He listens…

ask. If you were president, would you join? Iberia Greeting for Alpinez?

Answer: It seems to me a beautiful metaphor and a good idea that a composer like Isaac Albéniz, author of the 12 Greatest Pieces for Piano, sums up the meaning of Iberia in one word. The poem of the same name by the Portuguese Miguel Torga mentions that the Old World and the New World are suitable for it, as well as Portugal and Spain, and the city-state of Iberia as one country comes to mind. to dream…

s. What rhythm do you see in Pedro Sanchez?

R was found. At first I thought: Sensitive, which means soft in musical terms. The problem is that it is represented as “pp”, i.e. a contradiction. That is why it is better to talk about it SpeedEquivalent to time or tempo, forget the intensity of the sound. I would say too Walkingwithout jogging, walking at a good pace.

s. Well, about Alberto Núñez Figo’s rhythm, what do you tell me?

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R was found. See it coming, I’m going to fall in love with the cliches. My husband, who was a Galician from Ourense, would not have forgiven me, but here I am: it is not known whether it rises or falls, if it comes or if it goes. Let’s say mysterious.

s. and the very restless Santiago Abascal? Do you think it’s because you didn’t listen to Mozart much or because you choked on Wagner?

R was found. I don’t know, but troubled The less they last the better, because of the devastation. There is no doubt that Mozart and Bach, who form the basis of good music, will change their concept of rhythm, which will be very beneficial.

s. And Yolanda Diaz’s bell…? He says he loves Shostakovich. Why would it be?

R was found.. He is one of my favorite Russian composers along with Prokofiev and Stravinsky. Yolanda’s bell leads me to peace and quiet, to questions with answers and dialogue. You may have heard of Shostakovich’s brilliant adaptation of the famous song Tea for two Or his 24 Preludes and Above for Piano. I would like to put his grades Mesopianoin the abbreviation “mp” with a right on time.

s. If I were president, how much music could be played in schools?

R was found. I could see that all the kids grew up enjoying music. I’d like to have them sing in a choir. I remember a project my husband promoted Miguel Muniz when he was a manager Royal Theatre In some schools in Madrid, children create operas, from music to scenes, with their own costumes and decorations, giving them the opportunity to get to know their abilities and preferences. There are many ways to generate interest and fans.

s. If you were president of the government and it was a grand piano, where would you begin to play?

R was found.. Good tuners start in the middle of the piano, then move to the low end and then to the high end. The economy is centralized as well as public education and health for all. The end result is the sum of all parts, economy, health, culture.

s. Why do you hit the keys?

R was found. If there is any risk of censorship about remove it at first. Then, on climate change, on science, on fostering care… It would be nice to be able to have a choice when investing our taxes in art and music projects, for example. We’ll have to use the term sexual violence as it is while it still exists. There also seems to be a problem with justice, and a huge drama with immigration that all states have to agree on. If we start enumerating the same thing, we’ll get to the 88 keys of a piano.

s. What music will this country make next week?

R was found. I changed my dates to be at the polls on the 23rd like so many people so that in a few days I could be listening to good music. I hope that illusion and encouragement will fill us, and perhaps the majority will like it. what size New World SymphonyWho is Dvorak?

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