Ruffian calls for a vote on the ‘only day when everyone has equal power’

ERC’s congressional candidate for Barcelona, ​​Gabriel Ruffian, called on citizens to take part in Sunday’s general election and noted that the election is “the only day when everyone has the same power and ability to turn things around.”

Ruffian added in statements to the media after the vote at the Rodoreda School in Badalona (Barcelona): “The day you have the same power as the person who exploits you, lies to you or takes revenge on you is the day you vote. Let everyone realize that unfortunately this is the case.”

Gabriel Ruffian posing before casting his vote)

Josep Lago/AFP

Accordingly, he asked the citizens to take part “in what has always been called the party of democracy, considering that, according to what happens tonight, it will no longer be a party.”

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