Russia condemns the drone attack on Moscow

Russia condemned the drone attack on Moscow on Monday and attributed the action to the Kiev government, which has not yet decided on the matter. The Russian Defense Ministry described the event as a “terrorist act”. Russian authorities reported the deactivation of two unmanned vehicles, one of which crashed near their headquarters. Crimea, occupied by Russia since 2014, was attacked by 17 drones, while Odessa, located on the shores of the Black Sea, was bombed again, by Sixth day in a row. On this occasion, four people were injured and a grain warehouse located in the Ukrainian port area of ​​the city was destroyed.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the drones launched over Moscow did not result in any casualties. The capital’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, said they hit “non-residential” buildings around 4:00 am, local time (3:00 in mainland Spain). Moscow and its region, located more than 500 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, have been the target of several drone strikes this year, including One that arrived in the Kremlin in May.

Russian state news agencies, citing emergency services, claim that fragments of a drone were found near a building on Komsomolsky Boulevard, which runs through the center of the Russian capital. The place is located about two kilometers from the buildings of the Ministry of Defense.

Traffic was closed on this street, as well as on Likhachev Street in the south of the city, where a high-rise office building is located. “I was sleeping and an explosion woke me up, everything started shaking,” said Polina, a young woman who lives near this skyscraper.

The Zvezda TV channel of the Russian Ministry of Defense published a short video clip on its Telegram channel showing a skyscraper with missing windows on the upper floors and a damaged building. Other Russian Telegram channels, with links to the security forces, posted videos showing concrete wreckage and broken glass on Komsomolsky Street.

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New bombing of Odessa

This attack comes after Kiev vowed to respond to the Russian bombing last week in Odessa. This city has been under attack for six consecutive days, and on Sunday alone, rockets killed two people and injured dozens They badly damaged the cathedralProtected by UNESCO. “Last night, a nearly four-hour drone attack was directed at the port infrastructure (…). A grain shed was destroyed and warehouses for storing other products were damaged.”

Built on the shores of the Black Sea, Odessa is a strategic sea transit point in the region. Tensions have escalated since July 17 Moscow will announce its withdrawal from the agreement For the safe export of Ukrainian grain through this sea.

Ukraine also targeted Crimea, which Moscow illegally annexed in 2014. An ammunition depot was hit during a drone strike in Dzhankoy, Crimea, on Monday morning, said Sergey Aksionov, the Russian-appointed governor of occupied territories, while Russian air defense forces intercepted 17 drones over the area, without hurting anyone. A residential building was also damaged. Of the 17 artifacts, 11 fell into the Black Sea, three were injured and another three were destroyed by Russian air defenses.

It is not clear whether the ammunition depot was directly hit by a drone or if it was damaged by falling debris from the drone. Aksionov said that rail and road traffic in the region had been suspended “for security reasons.”

Russia has a military air base near Djankoy, and Ukraine has long warned that this city and its surroundings has become Moscow’s largest military base in Crimea.

So far, Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attack, but in recent months it has claimed that the destruction of Russia’s military infrastructure aids its counter-offensive.

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