Sanchez asserts that the PSP is central to the political system in opposition to the “endless” People’s Party.

“The problem in our country is that we no longer have a center right, we have a hard right and an extreme right,” warned Pedro Sanchez, responding to Alberto Núñez Vigo’s claim, which he expressed in the interview published today. cry, in order to “re-establish a broad center-right party”. “Here, in the Socialist Workers’ Party, the centrality of the political system, the guarantee that enables us to continue progressing for another four years,” said the Prime Minister at the intense rally he organized on Thursday in Lugo, in front of 4,000 of his supporters. organization numbers.

The SWP leadership has been considering turning the table since last Saturday, prompted by the “massive mobilization of the left”.

Sanchez does the rest in the final stages of this campaign. If the views of the Socialists were twisted after the only confrontation that Sánchez held with Feijóo at the start of the campaign, in the direction of the Socialist Workers Party, they maintain that there has been a turn of events since last Saturday, driven by a “massive mobilization of the left” to block the formation of a possible government of the Popular Party and far right to Fox.

There is a wonderful mobilization of progressive Spain that will lead us to victory.

Pedro SanchezHead of Government

This was confirmed by the PSOE leader at the rally held in Lugo. “I’m very excited, because we’re going to win the election,” Sanchez said, in an air of great enthusiasm, despite the fact that most polls predict a victory for the People’s Party. “There is a wonderful mobilization of progressive Spain that will lead us on July 23 to victory,” he emphasized. Celebrate “And this victory will be great for us.”

Sanchez said amid standing ovation: “We will win the elections because the Socialist Workers Party arrived completely exhausted and we are on the way back.”

The head of government criticized Feijóo’s absence the day before, at the electoral debate organized by RTVE, which the leader of the People’s Party did not attend. “In a democracy, the substance is as important as the forms. In a democracy, procedures, sacred moments for citizens in the election campaign, and debates must be respected,” he warned. He criticized Feijoo’s absence from the debate on the public channel as “an absolute absence of respect for citizens and Spanish democracy”.

But Sanchez warned that it was “obvious” why Figo refused to attend the debate, which also involved Santiago Abascal and Yolanda Diaz. He denounced, “Not because it was impossible to respond to all the mountain of lies he was pouring into this campaign.” But the leader of the People’s Party did not attend the discussion either, he explained, “because he is ashamed to appear with Abascal.”

Sanchez insists Feijóo is “ashamed to appear jointly with Abascal”, which is why he did not attend the debate on RTVE

Vigo, in Sánchez’s opinion, “is not that he is ashamed of Abascal’s votes, and has no problem accepting them; it is not that he is ashamed of taking on Abascal’s politics, but rather that he does so wherever they co-govern; it is not that he is ashamed of governing with Abascal, He’s ashamed to see them together.” For this reason, he insisted, the leader of the People’s Party did not attend the debate on RTVE.

It was determined that Feijóo’s failure to appear, as it also happens in sports, awarded victory to whoever turned up to play the match. “Figo, without opening his mouth yesterday, miserably lost the debate,” Sanchez asserted. “He said it all, without a word,” he snapped. After this discussion, the head of government concluded: “I have more clarity: on July 23 we will win the elections.” He shouted “Victory is near!”

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