Sanchez closes the last rally confident of PSOE’s victory in the 23-J: “We had the best drive. We fell and got up”

Candidate for the presidency of the government, Pedro Sanchez, and his wife, Begonia Gomez, at the closing ceremony of the election campaign in Getafe (Madrid), on Friday.Claudio Alvarez

On May 29, not even two months, the Socialist Socialist Party was a depressed and resigned party. The government had an expiration date and the change of course seemed irreversible after the fall of the left’s hexagonal grave in 28-AD the right removed almost all socialist institutional forces from the map in regional and municipal governments. Electoral call for July 23rd What Pedro Sanchez surprised the Spaniards and his party with may go down in the history of Spanish politics as a strategic decision that no one expected and may be worth another four years of a progressive and coalition government in La Moncloa. The defeatism that has shaken the foundations of the Socialist Workers Party, with some barons swayed by the losses of their communities who count the days to demand Sanchez’s resignation in a new and final ballot debacle, gave way to an emotional Socialist Workers Party that feels victory is within reach on Sunday.

“We had the best campaign. We fell and got up, pedaled against time and passed all the flying targets, climbed all the unimaginable ports with still a few meters to go. the enemy last. We will win the election to the last pedal stroke, to the last breath, to the last vote and we will win it resoundingly! ” whore, Rigoberta Bandini, gurgles at the arrival of the Socialist candidate. In an unexpected scriptural twist, The words disqualified on the right became a motto, a sign of identity Pride in militancy and many voters. Plaques with the message PerroSanxe and PerraSanxe flew from hand to hand in the procession.

I see that the right and the far right are completely destructive, and socialist progress, on the other hand, is unstoppable. The only thing I ask of you is that you bet everything red on July 23rd! Sanchez stressed, “No one stays at home, everyone votes for the Socialist Workers Party, everyone to the red!” He urged the mobilization of the left and explicitly asked women, youth, pensioners and moderate voters concerned about the CHP’s charters and Vox Vote, using one of the slogans that caused the most stir in the campaign that Meritxell Pate came up with. If politics is also a state of mind, the atmosphere at the rally turned into a party with shouts of “Pedro the boss!” And “istaAnd istaAnd istaSocialist Spain!

“Hey, by the way, a round of ovation for Zapatero who gets away with this campaign!” Sanchez announced in another closing milestone. The former head of government, who traveled all over Spain campaigning parallel to that of the candidate, concluded another massive rally in Seville. The handover contrasted with the silence maintained by Felipe González, despite the fact that Feijóo had mentioned it and made it a reference to tired Sánchez and to attract Socialist voters disenchanted with the agreements with the independents. Sanchez had an answer though, after PP agreed with EH Bildu to share all of Vitória City Council’s commissions. “Today, PP has agreed with Bildoo! Let’s see if they open up the news on those private channels!” The People’s Party finally resigned to chair the committees that were initially shared with the nationalist left.

It was the last fireworks of the week that didn’t go as expected for PP, as the auction was Feijóo realized Marcial Dorado was a smuggler when he met him. “This campaign has been neither long nor short for us. Excellent. But for others… they arrive exhausted, there is nothing else to see in Feijóo. What a week. If there were a guide to the campaign, the first chapter would say that you should not hide from the debates – because of the absence of the three-way debate attended by Sánchez, Yolanda Diaz and Santiago Abascal – that you should not agree with those you say you should not agree, or when on the last day he admits that he has been going with another smuggler,” the secretary of the Workers’ Party The socialist in Madrid reviewed the mistakes of the general candidate in the Communist Party, Juan Lobato.

“We are Spain”

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In the face of the skepticism with which it faced the SWP 23-J, confidence dominated the party despite the foreboding of the majority of opinion polls. “We are Spain, we are Spanish men and women, so why should those on the right and the extreme represent it as Sanchez or Spain? It’s not about Sanchez or Spain, it’s about Sanchez or the government of Figo and Abascal. From a progressive government of the PSOE with Yolanda Diaz or from the government of PP and Vox, that’s what this election is about, “sentenced the head of government in a law attended on the front line by Ministers Felix Bolaños, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Pilar Loeb and José Manuel Albares, Chief of Staff of the Social Club of Madrid.

And Vice-President Teresa Ribera could not be missing, two on Madrid’s list and who became one of the discoveries of the campaign. “Today is International Day of Dogs, Cats, Canaries and Goldfish Live Long! Long Live Everyone, Long Live an Inclusive Society!” began a speech to a dedicated audience in which he claimed a revaluation of pensions in accordance with the consumer price index, an increase in the minimum wage from 735 to 1080 euros or the first climate change law. “We want to make Spain a benchmark for renewable energy in the next four years. W I say to Mr. Abascal: the Earth is spherical, ”Sanchez added in an act that was more than a march, it was a party. In the end, the international bell rang and the sports center became a giant house.

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