Sánchez fends off right-wing tsunami and declares Spain will ‘continue to advance’

“There are many, many, of us who want Spain to advance!” Pedro Sanchez promised last night, on the platform set up on Ferraz Avenue to celebrate the election result.

The leader of the Spanish Socialist Party celebrated that “Spain and all its citizens have been very clear: the bloc of retrogression in rights and freedoms has failed.” Sánchez shouted, “The Bloc of the Popular Party and Fox have been defeated!”

“We did it again!” , the Socialist leaders chanted last night at Ferraz headquarters, as many expected a funeral night. They celebrated by saying “Nobody gives us a penny!” Pedro Sanchez promised to re-establish a progressive coalition government “against all odds”. “Against everything and against everyone,” they encouraged their private life, as always in their frantic political life. And Audit 23-J left the door open, at least, to try. Although, as always, nothing will be simple. Quite the opposite.

The proven resistance ability of the SWP leader was proven again, however, on another election night from Ferraz’s heart attack. The tsunami of the right that threatened to take him away, especially after the disastrous prelude to the municipal and regional elections of May 28, which dyed Spain blue and accelerated the progress of the general election, failed to destroy Sánchez. on the contrary.

The combined PP and Vox did not reach the absolute majority level, as some interested pollsters had predicted for weeks and months, in Sanchez’s own opinion. On the other hand, “not even in dreams,” the socialists warned. Not even with the extra UPN seat. And that reckoning, PSOE leadership also warned, would leave many scenarios open.

That’s how it went. Alberto Núñez Viejo won the election in both votes and seats. But Sanchez surpassed, also in votes and seats, his results from the last general election of 2019, with as much as 31.8% of the total vote.

Pedro Sánchez thanks the election result in front of the Socialist Workers Party headquarters

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“We’ve got more votes, more seats, and a higher percentage than four years ago!” Sanchez congratulated himself on his appearance of the night before his supporters gathered in Ferraz. He thanked profusely the more than seven million votes the Socialist Workers’ Party garnered last night.

Alongside Sanchez, his wife, Begonia Gomez – as always on big occasions – appeared, as well as Cristina Narbona, president of the PSOE party. Deputy Secretary General of the Party, Minister María Jesus Montero, and Secretary of the Organization of Ferraz, Santos Serdán. Everyone was genuinely elated.

Against all odds, the Prime Minister, who is now in office, is standing still. The rights wave failed to bend his knees. Although last night some socialist leaders assumed that 23-J opens a “poisoned scenario” for Spain’s installation and rule. Anyway “we came out of the worst”, they pointed out.

Monday left the Socialist Workers Party open political scenario analysis. And he chose to finally enjoy election night as if he had a huge victory at the polls.

After a full day in Moncloa, Sánchez arrived in Ferraz at about eleven o’clock at night. Soon after, the street was closed off to traffic so that puritans and supporters could celebrate, to the beat of music. It was a night of celebration that the Socialists desperately needed.

A flurry of rainbow flags, from the PSOE and from Spain, marched down Ferraz Street. Sanchez went on stage to celebrate, already in the middle of the night. Joining the celebration, after every day of uncertainty, were Vice-Presidents Nadia Calvino and Teresa Ribera and Ministers Félix Bolaños, María Jesus Montero, Isabel Rodriguez, Margarita Robles, Pilar Loeb and Mikel Esita. Even Josep Borrell joined in on election night. Sánchez argued that if he precipitated the general election after the failure of 28-M, it was because he was convinced that Spain should “decide which path to take”. “Forward or retreat,” he insisted. And the celebrated “revolutionary bloc” of the People’s Party and Fox failed.

The night was a whirlwind of emotions. “We’ll have to wait if there are smiles or tears tonight,” sighed a veteran fighter at the Ferraz gates, just starting to check. Finally, were the smiles. Today will be another day.

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