Sanchez hopes to solve the puzzle of governance without repeating the election

“Surely this democracy will find the formula of government,” Pedro Sanchez conveyed to the federal executive of the Socialist Workers’ Party, which met yesterday in Ferraz after the hangover of the party that the Socialists celebrated the day before, until dawn, with the results of 23-y.

With these words, the Head of Government, now in office, He wanted to rule out the scenario of the parties being besieged by the demonic parliamentary arithmetic resulting from the polls.which imposes a rerun of the general election.

The leader of the SWP came to take it for granted in this way, at any rate, that he himself would choose, once again, the position of president.

But without haste from time to time. In the Socialist Workers Party, for the time being, they propose that all parties start analyzing and assimilating their electoral results, without precipitation. And they say polls in 23J sent messages to all political groups that they should “rest” now.

First, the People’s Party. In Ferraz, they are not considering, at least for the time being, a meeting between Pedro Sanchez and Alberto Núñez Figo. They claimed that perhaps in September as events unfolded.

Although it is clear that some socialist leaders are betting that Feijóo and the entire People’s Party cook in their own sauce. Socialists warn that there is intense “inner noise” in the conservative formation. They noted that “it remains to be seen if Feijóo reaches the presidency.” They recall that no matter how hard he tries, the leader of the People’s Party already has a refusal in advance which makes his installation impossible.

“It remains to be seen if Feijóo makes it to the inauguration … and if he does, it will be in the hands of Vox; he will know,” they warn in the PSOE

However, they warned at the PSOE that if Feijóo chose to go into office, he would have to do so “along with the far-right” of Vox. “He’ll know,” they snap. They stressed that “we are not in a hurry,” referring to the moment when Sanchez will ask for time. no precipitation.

Some socialist leaders emphasize, in any case, the “humiliation” that, in their opinion, the leader of the People’s Party suffered the day before.On the balcony of Genoa, when the fans interrupted him to cheer Isabel Diaz Ayuso. They suggest that Figo could follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Pablo Casado, who was ousted by his party when he faced Ayusu. They indicated that they would “let the Congress party explain itself”.

In the PSOE they also highlight the electoral push that the PSC led by Salvador Illa showed again this Sunday at the polls. “The policy of the head of government in Catalonia, which at no time has the support of the People’s Party, means that the Constitutional Party has more votes and seats than the entire independence movement put together,” stands out in Ferraz’s direction.

This is one of the lessons of the 23-J polls, which the socialists urge Junts per Catalunya to analyze carefully.. Remember, at the start, this party still has two “souls”. In any case, they called for the formation of Carles Puigdemont in order to “think” about the outcome of the elections in Catalonia.

“We are the number one power in Catalonia and the Basque Country, and this is the incorporation of Spain,” they highlight at PSOE.

Sanchez will not rush or make false moves. Socialist sources say: “Without haste or racing.” From time to time, everything will work out. “For the people to rest and enjoy the holidays,” yesterday described the leader of the Socialist Workers’ Party. “The country must rest,” he said, after months of intense political tension.

The acting prime minister will not rush or take false steps: “Now, vacations”

In fact, given the indications he gave them, they left the executive meeting with priority: “Now, vacations,” the minister sums up. “For convenience,” asserts another leader, after the efforts of two almost consecutive election campaigns, which culminated in a good taste in the mouth by blocking the way for the government of the two parties Popular and Fox That before they arrived at the appointment with the polls, it seemed that they were distributing positions and ministries.

Another socialist leader celebrates, “They always tried to leave us for dead, but we’re very much alive.” This is not the first time Sanchez has been presumed dead nor the first time that against all odds the leader of the English Socialist Party has resurrected. The Socialists highlight that they won 23-J by 1 million more votes than in the last general election of 2019.

And this electoral growth was the first thing Sanchez highlighted yesterday in front of his people, who greeted him with warm applause and sincere hugs. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he wanted to convey to the nearly 11 million Spaniards who “voted for progress.”by choosing the PSOE and Sumar ballots to stop the separation of PP and Vox in government.

Sanchez celebrated, “This country said no to coups and setbacks.” He stressed that it is “a reference for Europe and the world.” The slogan chanted by the fans the night before at Ferraz’s gates still resounds: “They shall not pass!”

Sánchez congratulated himself on the SWP’s electoral growth in seats, votes, and percentages. “It’s not that we’re at 30%, but we’re at 32%,” he said. Outside voting is still under scrutiny, and despite the fact that they assumed yesterday it wouldn’t move anything in the final outcome, they still hoped the day before two PP seats would remain, even if PSOE didn’t win them.

But the socialist leader called for a pause. He noted that until August 17 the new Cortes would not be formed. Step by Step. The Socialist leaders point out that, first of all, they will “probably” be able to retain the presidency of Congress, which is now held by Mériquel Patet.

The Socialists are confident that they will be able to retain the presidency of Congress, “probably”

And in the SWP they also underestimate the absolute majority achieved by the People’s Party in the Senate: “It will delay the processing of laws, which will have to return to Congress, since Sanchez appears a lot. But nothing more, “they settle.

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