Sanchez is encouraging his re-election: he believes that the right will not have an absolute majority

Not even in dreams. In Moncloa and Ferraz agree that the People’s Party and Vox will not reach on Sunday, not even in the best possible scenario for the right-wing bloc, an absolute majority of 176 deputies. “They don’t add up,” they snap. And if Alberto Núñez Viejo and Santiago Abascal do not reach the aforementioned bar, as the Socialists assure, “many scenarios will open up”.

Until the re-election of Pedro Sánchez as presidentand the reformulation of a progressive executive coalition with Yolanda Diaz, supported, as in the previous legislature, by a disproportionate parliamentary majority opposed to any government formula that includes, actively or passively, the far right.

The president concludes his campaign: “We fell, we got up, and we treaded the clock.”

And they confirm it in Ferraz The distance between PP and PSOE is barely two percentage points in their internal tracking—which would be within the margins of error—, in the last tapes of the campaign. They encourage, “We do not exclude or win votes and seats.” Back on the mental roller coaster, socialists once again moved from depression to “euphoria,” as they openly admitted. “The mobilization on the left is massive, we’ve gone up a lot. But a lot,” they warn.

Sanchez himself claims to feel this mobilization daily. He concluded his campaign on Friday with a massive rally in Getafe in front of 4,500 supporters. The day before, he had gathered another 4,000 in Lugo. The socialist victory secured Yolanda Diaz’s program in third place, ahead of Vox, securing another four years of progressive rule in Spain.

Two months ago, after losing most of its regional strength in the municipal and regional elections, the Socialist Party sank into stagnation. But the advances of the generals prevented them even from mourning. The new hasty electoral scenario reinvigorated and hardened the party in the pre-campaign period, before the polls deadline of 23 J. But the collective sentiment sank once again into pessimism After the “fiasco” in the only electoral confrontation between Sánchez and Vigo, on July 10 at Atresmedia.

After a first week of campaigning in which the Socialists failed to escape, due to this unexpected initial setback, Sanchez really started the engines last weekend, with two rallies in Valencia and Barcelona. “We’ve fallen and we’ve risen, we’ve cycled against time, we’ve outrun all air targets and we’ve climbed all unimaginable ports,” Sanchez highlighted Friday on the socialist campaign. And there were only a few meters left for the final sprint on 23-J.

Former President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero also re-emerged on the scene in this campaign, to stir up and help the PSOE come back.. Sanchez this Friday demanded a standing ovation for Zapatero “who is coming out of this campaign”. The applause was loud. How resounding was the silence that, on the other hand, Felipe Gonzalez kept in this campaign.

As of last Saturday, in Ferraz, they confirmed that they had begun to register an important “return” of their expectations, while the People’s Party, in their opinion, was shining in the last week of a “disastrous” campaign, in which Figo was involved in his “lies” about the revaluation of pensions and his old friendship with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado. Sanchez also highlighted on Friday PP’s agreements with Bildu in Vitoria, later corrected, that he was desperately hoping the news would open.

They say that this upward trend of the socialists has been strengthened In the three-way debate between Sanchez, Yolanda Diaz and the leader of the far right, Santiago Abascal, last Wednesday on RTVE. And the socialists point out that Feijóo’s absence from this appointment, which drew more than four million viewers, was a “resounding tactical blunder”.

On the other hand, they highlight that Sánchez and Díaz managed to imagine a future government alliance between the PSOE and Sumar “very positively”, this time well-coordinated and coordinated, And without the internal quarrels of the alliance with Unidas Podemos that undermined and distorted the functioning of the executive power in this legislature.

However, other socialist leaders do not rule out that an insufficient victory for the People’s Party, but without a sufficient alternative from the left, could cause a state of siege for the installation of a new head of government. But, until the night of the 23rd, everyone is clenching their fingers.

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