Sanchez: “It’s disturbing that Figo has such a close relationship with a drug dealer”

“It is worrying that a political leader has this kind of close relationship with a drug trafficker, and this concern is shared by millions of Spaniards,” warned Pedro Sánchez.

“I find that disturbing,” Sanchez insisted of the relationship the current leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Fijo, had with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado. The head of government had confirmed that the head of the opposition, who is favored according to opinion polls to win the general elections next Sunday, “lied again” when he claimed a day earlier when he took the picture with the Galician drug dealer on Sunday. his yacht, in the summer of 1995, he did not know that Dorado was a drug dealer.

These interpretations, Sanchez asserted in an interview in La Sexta, are “lies”. Vigo, in his opinion, “missed an opportunity to clear up his relationship with this drug dealer.” He noted that the excuses that Google or the Internet did not exist at that time, as justified by the leader of the People’s Party, “fall under their own weight.”

Sanchez asserts that Figo is lying about his old relationship with a drug dealer from Galicia: “He owes it to the Spaniards and the truth.”

Sánchez asserted that if he did not throw it in Feijóo’s face like that in the only face-to-face encounter they had, it was because he wanted to conduct a “positive” electoral campaign. But, in response to a question from journalist Antonio García Ferreras, the PS leader confirmed that Figo had “lied” by claiming not to have known that Dorado was a drug trafficker. He warned the leader of the Labor Party that “he owes a debt with the Spaniards and a debt with the truth.”

The PSOE leader closes the way for the joint demand of ERC and Bildu for a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia and the Basque Country: “Of course not”

“Of course not,” he snapped. Just three days before the general election, Sanchez is trying to block one of the paths that punishes him the most before his voters, and which injects energy into the right-wing campaign thanks to the joint strategy of ERC and EH Bildu, by refusing. With the claim that these pro-independence formations must be absolutely strong, if they can re-certify the premiership after 23-J: “There will be no self-determination referendum,” the leader of the PSOE party stated emphatically on Thursday, in an interview in La Sexta.

Sánchez insisted on criticizing the ERC’s and Bildó’s aspirations, and pointed out that only when the ruling Popular Party had illegal self-determination referendums were held in Catalonia. The Chief Executive blocked the way once again for the proposal defended in these days by Oriol Junqueras and Gabriel Ruffian, Arnaldo Otegi and Mertex Aizpurua, to hold a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia and in the Euskadi region, at the same time. , if the PSOE leader manages to stay in Moncloa. “We’re in the campaign and they have to say these things,” Sanchez said.

The head of the executive branch recalled that when he arrived in Moncloa, in 2018, “I found a serious institutional crisis in Catalonia”. But he defended that, “Luckily we’ve already moved it and are working on it.” He stressed that the matter “will require time, patience, determination and convictions, but we are directing it.”

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