Sanchez rules out electoral repetition: “This democracy will find the formula of government”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” after the party Where did the socialists end up? Election day 23 yOn Monday in Ferraz, Pedro Sanchez met the CEO of PSOE, who greeted him with huge applause and a heartfelt hug. And the first thing the head of government, who is now in office, has done is convey his gratitude to the nearly 11 million Spaniards who “voted for progress”, for blocking the way for an executive of the Popular Party with the far right of Vox. Celebrate “This country said no to torsion and setback”. “It is a reference for Europe and the world,” he stressed. Socialist sympathizers had chanted the day before, “They shall not pass!”.

Sánchez highlighted the electoral growth of the PSOE, in terms of seats, votes, and percentages. “It is not that we have reached 30%, but we have reached 32%,” the socialist leader emphasized.

“Now, vacations,” the leaders of the federal executive warned. And it is the same thing that Sanchez conveyed in the internal meeting: “For the people to rest and enjoy the holidays. He referred to the country, the media … everyone. The head of the executive branch indicated that it is expected that next August 17 he will form the new Cortes. “And surely this democracy will find the formula of government.” With these words, Sanchez trusted that there would be an inauguration, and therefore wanted to rule out the hypothesis of electoral repetition.

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“Without haste or racing,” socialist sources warn. They argue that “the country should rest.” However, they stipulated in the PSOE that all parties should, now, analyze their own results, without precipitation. And the 23-J polls, they say, provided messages to all formations that they should now “rest”.

“It remains to be seen if Feijóo reaches office,” warns the Socialists, given the “internal noise” they value in the Popular Party.

First of all, the People’s Party. In Ferraz, they are not considering, at least for the time being, a meeting between Pedro Sanchez and Alberto Nunez Figo. Maybe in September, as events unfold. Although it is clear that some socialist leaders are betting that Feijóo and PP cook in their own sauce. At Ferraz, they warn, there is intense “inner noise” in the conservative formation. They warned: “It remains to be seen if Feijóo reaches the presidency.” And they remember that he already had a “no” in advance which would make his installation impossible. They stressed that “we are not in a hurry.”

Some socialist cadres, however, stress the “humiliation” suffered by the leader of the People’s Party the day before, on the balcony of Genoa, when His supporters interrupted him to cheer for Isabel Diaz Ayuso. And they suggest that Figo could follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Pablo Casado, who was ousted by the People’s Party itself. They indicated that they would “let the Congress party explain itself”.

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In the PSOE, they also placed emphasis on the electoral push that the PSC showed for El Salvador until Sunday at the polls. Ferraz noted that “Pedro Sánchez’s policy in Catalonia, which at no time has the support of the People’s Party, means that the Constitutional Party has more votes and more seats than all of the independence movement put together.” This is one of the lessons of the 23-J polls, which the socialists urged Junts to analyze Catalonia. Remember, however, that this composition has two souls. In any case, they demand the formation of Carles Puigdemont in order to “think” about the outcome of the elections in Catalonia.

“We are the number one power in Catalonia and the Basque Country, and this is the incorporation of Spain,” they settled on PSOE.

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