Sanchez said at the opening of the new exhibition of the Royal Collections “For Spain”

Kings Felipe VI and Letizia, in the foreground, and the acting head of government, Pedro Sánchez, behind, at the official opening of the Royal Collections Gallery, on Tuesday in Madrid.Borja Sanchez Trillo (EFE)

The acting head of government, Pedro Sánchez, took advantage of the official inauguration ceremony New Gallery of Royal Collections To launch a message with clear political connotations. “Despite our many ups and downs, I am convinced that we share a certainty: there is no turning back for Spain,” he said. Sanchez recalled the latest work in the collection, The Tale of the 1978 Constitution by Perez Vilalta, Presenting Spain as a fertile, happy, prosperous, open, European and inclusive country that “embraces democracy and coexistence” and buries darkness and ignorance. Referring to the battles that were reflected in the many works on display in the new museum, he said that Spain still had to face new battles, but they were fought in the field of the struggle for equality and full integration or against climate change.

In his first corporate speech after the general election, Sánchez presented Spain as a country “proud of its plurality and diversity” moving towards “coexistence, justice, prosperity and well-being”. He added that a country “aspires to become a model of tolerance and progress, where science and creativity symbolize forward” and that – he concluded – “runs off into the future”. Although at no point does he allude to a crossroads created by Sunday results Where the formations of the executive power of the current coalition do not reach the absolute majority and do not reach the sum of PP and Vox, the message coincided with his main idea in his last campaign: to continue progress along the line set by the government in these years and avoid any retreat.

For his part, His Majesty the King affirmed that the newly opened museum has already become “in A new standard for Spanish and European culture“, which “brings together the historical and artistic heritage of the Crown” and presents the monarchy’s “care and collection work”. It allows “to know where we come from, knowing that we have very deep roots and an interesting history, with a common proportion in Europe and in the world,” he stressed.

The Royal Collections exhibition, a project that took a quarter of a century to begin, opened to the public late last month, but its official opening has been delayed until the end of the election campaign. The ceremony, which was presided over by the King and Queen, was attended by about 200 guests, including members of previous governments who participated in its design and construction, such as former Vice President Soraya Saenz de Santamaría or former ministers José Ignacio Vert, Añego Méndez de Vigo and Javier Solana. In addition to the Ministers of Culture and the Presidency, Miquel Eseta and Félix Bolaños, respectively, the Presidents of Congress, the Senate and the Constitutional Court, and the Mayor of Madrid were also present. On the other hand, the leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, who was in Galicia for the Community Day events, did not attend, nor did the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who delegated the Minister of Culture.

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