Serial killer Joaquin Ferrandez is now free: “I will not return to Castellón out of respect for the victims”

Joaquin Ferrandez, the serial killer who murdered five women in Castellón between 1995 and 1996, is already on the streets. After serving 25 years in prison, he left Herrera de la Mancha (Ciudad Real) prison this morning with a mask, sunglasses and a black hat to hide his face. Outside, a taxi was waiting for him.

To questions from the media who were waiting for him when he left prison, Ferrandis, now 60, explained, “I will never go back to Castellón out of respect for the victims.” Likewise, he has indicated his intention to go “outside so as not to disturb anyone” and rebuild his life

I’m going abroad so as not to disturb anyone and rebuild my life

Joaquin Ferrandis

It is also true that, according to the ruling, he was forbidden to go or reside – for the next 5 years – in the three towns where he committed the crimes (Castillo de la Plana, Benicassim and Onda)

The confessing perpetrator responded that he “of course” remorseful his actions and that in his days he sought forgiveness from the victims. However, Ferrandis quickly searched for the taxi to avoid further questions.

He confirms that he regrets what he did and that he has already apologized to the victims

The now released prisoner murdered five women in Castillo between 1995 and 1996: Sonia Rubio, Natalia Archelos, Mercedes Velez, Francesca Salas and Amelia Sandra. They all went through the same ordeal. They were raped, strangled and, in some cases, beaten with a blunt object.

In 1989 he had already been sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexual assault. However, in May 1995 he was granted parole and soon after beginning his adventures as a serial killer, intimidating Castellon with five crimes against women.

newscast published in La Vanguardia in October 1998

He wrapped

For this reason, during the trial in the deaths of the five women, the attorney general requested that the state be judged as a secondary civil liability.

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