Sommer clings to the possibility of re-issuing the coalition government

Spain faces a siege scenario, but Sumar gets some Sufficient results this 23-J To help the left bloc resist and preserve options to reaffirm the coalition government with the Socialist Workers Party. Yolanda Diaz clung to this possibility in her speech after learning of the results. after more than working year Since its project began to take shape, the second vice president-led formation reached 31 seats on Sunday and 12.30% of the support (with more than 98% of the vote counted). In its first check at the polls, the new coalition is down 0.7 points from the 12.97% (35 MPs) United We Can garnered in November 2019. But as the bloc is added, the inside reading goes into the background and the balance at Sumar headquarters was more than positive yesterday.

he Historic agreement between 16 formations From the field of the left, environmentalism and regionalism, heir to the UP space, it achieves, for the time being, its main objective: to stop the entry of the right and the far right into government. In a very complex context, burdened by the noise of negotiations to close the coalition between organizations in a polarized campaign between the two major parties, the results cement an alternative to the left of the Socialists who will now have to start talks to seek to form a government and prove their worth at the same time.

“People will sleep more peacefully today. Democracy will emerge stronger from this election,” the vice president celebrated in his appearance to the media, which gave up a Unpublished unit image So far. Diaz is arranged at the head of the platform at the party headquarters, together with the leader of Podemos, Ioney Pilara, the Federal Coordinator of Esquierda Unida, Alberto Garcón, the President of Mas País, Iñigo Eregón, or the spokesman for Mas Madrid in the Regional Assembly, Mónica García.

And the head of the Labor Party announced her intention to “start a dialogue” starting on Monday “with all the progressive and democratic formations to ensure the government in Spain.” “Sumar has a little time to live. I think we’ve done the impossible,” the vice president wanted to emphasize in an internal code message.

By parties, podemos, which aspire, at best, to winning eight seats Get this 23-J five deputies. Its Secretary General, in charge of the organization, will be Lilith Verstreng (Barcelona), the deputies of Murcia, Granada and Las Palmas in Congress. After a campaign in which the role of the formation founded by Pablo Iglesias was shy and stifled the majority of critical voices, the rebalancing of forces that began on Monday forces us to rethink the future strategy of this political force.

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After years in a dominant position, the party is now equal to Izquierda Unida, which it presides over, Alberto Garzon took a step back She announced in June that she would not be charting again. IU also achieved five seats, the seats of Seville, Málaga, Cordoba, Tarragona, and Valencia. Enrique Santiago, leader of the Chinese Communist Party and parliamentary speaker for the formation of this former legislature, will repeat himself in Parliament. Íñigo Errejón for More Country will also be in Congress and Díaz’s platform, Movimiento Sumar, will have 10 seats.

The coalition led by Compromís in the Valencian community achieved four, the same number as the Our Can coalition and the coalition between Más País and the Valencia coalition achieved in 2019. Also in Catalonia, the candidacy of Sumar-N Cuomo Bodim, headed by deputy Aina Vidal, reached seven deputies, the same number as four years ago, and the party continues to be the second force in this community.

Former Podemos No. 3 Alberto Rodríguez did not get a seat, while Chunta Aragonese took control of Jorge Puyo’s deputy work in Zaragoza and Mes got a seat in the Balearics.

In Galicia, Somar duplicates the seats of La Coruña and Pontevedra, and in the Basque Country, the formation goes from three seats to one against the stronger Bieldo.

The inside reading in Sumer last night was very positive. The reference, transfer sources from space, is not roughly the 13% of 2019, but the 10% that United Podemos had when Diaz took over the group in March 2021.

During these fifteen days and little by little, Somar’s campaign managed to overcome the jerky start, which was marked by the general spectacle of negotiations with Podemos and the rest of the parties to reach an agreement that ended with the elimination of candidates such as Irene Montero, Jomi Asense and Juan López de Oralde. after complaint in the mediaended up forming Pilara – responsible for appointing Diaz to succeed Space Command more than two years ago – accepting his minimal influence on the project and during the campaign his involvement was more than modest, with very few interventions from his commanders.

From left to right, Elisabeth Duval, Inigo Erigon, Monica García, Ernest Ortason, Yolanda Diaz, Ion Pilara and Alberto Garzón, at the Soumar headquarters on Sunday.Samuel Sanchez

Meanwhile, Diaz found it difficult to enter a competition dominated by PP and PSOE. After the vice president’s debate performance on Wednesday on RTVE and the fact that it was she who put Alberto Núñez Fijo in trouble in recent days by bringing his relationship with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado back to the present day, uncertainty accompanied the final stage of the campaign. The evocation of a possible “comeback” demoralized progressive voters after the results of the regional and municipal elections on May 28, and left-wing leaders took pains to make them believe that the “return” was no longer just a utopia.

In this fight, the fight for the third position with Vox as one of the central elements of Sumar appeared. Symbolically, being above the far right could have been seen as a moral victory for the left, also from an international perspective, with the European Union and Latin America fully aware of what was at stake in Spain on Sunday. Although this was not possible, the margin had shrunk a lot. Only 0.10% of the vote separated the two formations. “Today Spain and Europe are breathing better,” Diaz celebrated in his speech.

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