Spain on the 24th, by Fernando Onega

When the final meeting of the election concludes tonight, so will the last great debate of these 15 days: Who lied the most in the campaign?. Sadly, this is the scale of the big voter seduction party, but newspaper archives confirm it. As for the ideas, the remnants of the coalition government, they tried a miracle: convincing society that there is Spain, their king, which represents progress, progress, coexistence, modernity, and a compendium of all the moral and material benefits that can be offered in a country, and there is another Spain in black and white, that wants to go back to half a century, restrict rights and freedoms, and restore freedom and censorship. Spokespersons and spokespeople for the outgoing government were very clear about this: so clear and forceful that, 48 hours after the vote, we know exactly the details of this progressive retreat, but are unaware of the constitutional proposals and model state of the new progressives. With caution, let’s take it as a sign of stability: if the constitutional model is not discussed, or it is only discussed to talk about the price of Catalonia for the unity of the state, the state is in good health.

The same cannot be said of the health of the large parties in which the candidates for president are active. PP and PSOE go to the polls as the only candidates, but they are not enough. The dream of an absolute majority is the dream of a utopia. Both will need the support of others to rule. And here the factor of wealth intervenes: Fox has touched the hand of God and was the winner in the municipal elections and may be again the day after tomorrow in the general elections, because in both it is crucial to form a majority of the right. Without Vox, there are no governments Alberto Núñez Viejo, so he has a very high level of power.

PP and PSOE go to the polls as the only candidates, but they are not enough

Something similar can be said about Yolanda Diaz and Sumar. He has a fair dose of demagoguery, he has the rhetoric that connects most of it to Spain in need, he offers a balance of pacts that give him a strong dialogue and will leave the suffrage more powerful, because he reaches them with a personal alliance with Pedro Sanchez more understandable than Sanchez’s agreements with Iglesias.

Pedro Sanchez and Alberto Núñez Figo greet each other before Atresmedia goes head-to-head

Bernat Armanji / Associated Press

All of this paints a unique scenario: behavior consistent with binary partnership, with PSOE and PP stars dominating outer space, but with two solar systems that match exactly in masses. The election the day after tomorrow, barring the healthy surprise of helpful voting, will assume the dedication of the block. The horizon is subject to contradiction: According to prevailing dogma, the Vox block should not win, because it is the far right of the reverse gear. But even the socialist ministers declare that it can work, because it is “an unstoppable tide in Europe” and they speak of Spain as a check on this tide. During the Franco regime, our country was referred to as a “spiritual sanctuary of the West.” The words change sides, but sometimes they have the same imperial meaning.

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