Sumar-En Comú podem repeats seven seats and climbs to second place in Catalunya

Sumar-En Comú podem preserved the furniture. The formation won seven seats. He received about 490,000 votes, about 58,000 fewer than in previous public calls, but rose to second place among the Catalan political forces.

Number one in Barcelona’s list was the last among the favorites to evaluate the results, and she was elated. His reading was entirely local. “The vast majority of Catalans voted for a progress government to continue progress.” Immediately after that, Vidal gave the first hint to those jones. Among all of us, we must prevent the formation of a government that destroys us. All parties must work on this. Because we turned it all around… We sent Abascal home! His manhood and racism.

“We said we would send Abascal home and we did!” congratulated Aina Vidal.

The truth is that at the moment the Catalan branch of the left confluence is more or less divided between those who are still breathing with relief before the final examination and those who realize they have missed out on a unique opportunity to expand their space. In this way, some believe that they have known how to face a very complex scenario and break the logic and tyranny of the two parties and the advantageous vote, in fact, as things progress, they can come up with a song in their teeth …

and others, on the other hand, in the same ranks, think that, though warned so insistently all these days that fascism and some worse things are practically just around the corner and that so many human rights are in serious danger, that the citizens do not rally to their side and vote for them really hard, perhaps the formation and its message are in fact detached from a part of this very broad and very broad society.

But both of them refer to these opinions in a very secretive, sometimes ambiguous way. Maximum caution, maximum caution. Never before have post office workers received so many congratulations on this day. Maybe the night of the three kings. What is certain is that the election night lived at BComú’s headquarters on Marina Avenue in Barcelona seemed somewhat surreal. In the late afternoon, Vidal herself, Gerardo Pisarello, Ada Colau, Jessica Albiach, David Seid, Gala Penn … in the company of some friends and relatives, spread more or less through the offices in the mezzanine, while in the little bar facing the street, where there were many sandwiches, a few agents gathered. In no time there was a grand celebration on the horizon.

Meanwhile, journalists speculated on the real meaning of the cries of joy that echoed from time to time in the building as the count advanced. Did they celebrate that the Socialist Party sometimes bore the right’s pull with greater resistance than might have been expected according to recent opinion polls? No, in fact, the Catalan branch of the left confluence was glad that it remained the same, and despite this they rose to the second place of the Catalan political forces, only with the progress of the PSC. Others’ luck was much worse.

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