Sumar entrusted the Asens with negotiations with the Junts to try to reassert the coalition government

los General election results Sunday’s holding forces the main parties in both blocs (PP, Vox, PSOE and Sumar) to seek alliances to achieve an inauguration. In this sense, the party led by Soumar opened negotiations with Guntz, which with seven deputies may have the key to the blockade, to try to reach an agreement and reaffirm the coalition government.

For this purpose, Sumar asked Jaume Assens, the former deputy of En Comú Podem, to lead the talks with the Catalan formations. Yolanda Diaz’s party believes that Asens “has shown his ability to agree in the past” and that with his “knowledge” of Catalan politics “it will be easier to reach an agreement”. For Soummar, “It is a luxury” to have him “explore all avenues of agreement”.


Add: “There is only one possible position: re-form coalition government”

for his “ability to consent”

Somar asked Jaume Asens to lead the talks with the Catalan parties

Somar explained that the result “forces them” to negotiate with “responsibility, respect for results and mutual recognition between the parties.” In addition, the Diaz formation believes that they are “in the best position to lead the negotiations” with all the formations that are called upon to understand each other “to form a government of the social and multinational majority” in the country.

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Somar won last Sunday with 31 seats (12.3% of the vote) which is added to the votes of the Socialist Workers Party (122) 23 deputies remain in the majority. With the support of those formations that have already given their voice to the coalition government, they will not have a sufficient majority either, leaving four deputies to achieve this. In this context, Gontes, with seven deputies, appears as a key element for a possible inauguration of Pedro Sanchez.

The good understanding between Junts and Jaume Asens has been demonstrated in the past. When the former MP of the Commons decided not to run in the general election in 23J, the Secretary General of the Guntes, Jordi Turol, thanked the “sensitivity and support” he had received from Essens during Turol’s imprisonment, the latter replying that in addition to “lovingly preserving the memory of our prison conversations”, “we will always have the fight against common oppression”.

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