Sumar initiates contacts with Jontes to facilitate the installation of Sánchez and the reinstatement of the coalition government

Former deputy of En Comú Podem Jaume Asens is already negotiating with former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont on behalf of Somar and Vice President Yolanda Diaz to facilitate the installation of Pedro Sanchez and the revival of the coalition government, as confirmed by sources close to the negotiations, a point Junts spokesman Josep Rios denied that “there was no contact between Yunes” this afternoon. Specifically with Puigdemont.

This morning, the general secretary of Juntas Per Catalunya, Jordi Turol, emphasized that the price his line-up is putting to make the Socialist candidate’s inauguration possible again is through “amnesty and self-determination,” some of the demands that Sumar’s campaign spokesman, Ernst Urtasson, avoided setting himself at a press conference on Monday. Barely 12 hours after knowing the result of 23-J, the formation led by Yolanda Díaz summoned the PSOE to negotiate “now” the program and structure of the next government. The message sent by the second vice president’s team is clear: There is only one possible inauguration and they need to work on it.

In the left coalition they consider the balance of the general elections, Where PSOE and Sumar’s resistance thwarted the majority of PP and Vox, opens the possibility of re-forming the coalition government. This circumstance, according to Sumar’s sources, obliges them in advance to dialogue “from a responsible position, respect for the results and recognition between the formations.” “We are clear that Spain is a pluralistic country and that we are in the best position to lead negotiations with all the spaces required to understand each other,” according to party sources.

Somar begins his contacts with the Catalan formations, around which they seek to know their positions at the beginning and explore all avenues of agreement, as they explain. ERC and Junts each have seven MPs. Their representation, after the July 23 elections, has more or less diminished, but both the ERC and the Puigdemont party It is necessary if you try to re-establish a coalition government of PSOE and Sumar. After learning of the ballot, Esquerra Republicana gave signs of wanting to maintain its support for Sánchez and called on its Junts rivals to do the same by way of a grand independence pact with PSOE that avoids repeat elections and includes common goals. Juntz was less clear in his demands: “We will not make Sanchez president for nothing,” said his candidate Miriam Nogueras. In an intervention before the party’s federal leadership, the socialist leader ruled out the re-election scenario. According to what was reported by sources in the Socialist Party, he said that “this democracy will find the formula of government.” Jose Marcos.

For these talks, Somar chose the former deputy of En Comú Podem Jaume Asens, whose “knowledge of the Catalan political reality, in addition to his good relationship with the many spaces that are called upon to understand each other”, stands out, something that they consider will make reaching an agreement “easier”. Ashens, 51 years old, He announced his withdrawal from active politics Just over a month ago, when his party was preparing slates for the general election. Lawyer and politician His career has been marked by building bridges between Podemos, the Commons, and the Independents. In 2014, he was part of the small nucleus around Ada Colau that founded Guanyem, the first brand the Commons attended before running for the 2015 election in Barcelona. He served as Vice Mayor for Citizenship Rights, Participation and Transparency during Kolau’s first term. He topped Barcelona’s 2019 general election slate, a campaign during which he argued that only the general public would be able to free pro-independence prisoners, as a “sovereign party” and last served the legislature as chair of the “United We Can” parliamentary group. One of his greatest accomplishments was finding Formula to fix the crime of sedition Government Partners promoted it at the end of last year.

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Sumar’s spokesperson, Ernst Ortason, gives a press conference at the formation’s headquarters in Madrid, on Monday.JJ Guillen (EFE)

“Only one position is possible”

On Monday, campaign spokesman Ernst Ortason called on the Socialists – with 122 deputies – to negotiate “now” the program and structure of the next government. “There is only one possible position. Soumar’s leader confirmed at noon that Mr. Vigo and Fox do not have a majority to form it. We are already working on all issues that have to do with the program and structure of the government, and we want to call the PSOE to start working now.” He noted before reiterating that his formation had prepared a “very ambitious” electoral programme, and that his intention was to be “reflected” in the government’s program. .

Urtasun was more than satisfied with it Seats got 23-J She refused to compare with the 35 deputies of Unidas Podemos in 2019. “This is the first time we present ourselves in the elections, I want to highlight this in an important way, and I think we have obtained results that will allow us to move forward. What happened yesterday is a success, for us it is a starting point, not an arrival point.” The European Parliament insisted that “thanks to Soummar’s 31 seats” there is “the potential for a progressive government” and claimed the advantage of being “capable of changing the script” of the campaign which gave the right a winner.

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