Sumar urges the PSOE to approve and investigate the Catalan independence movement

Acting on the impact of 2019 – when the Socialist Workers’ Party and Podemos reached an agreement to form a coalition in just 48 hours – and just nine hours after the recount ended, Soumar was already working to set the terms for a coalition government revalidation as soon as possible. This was explained by its spokesperson, Ernst Ortason, at noon yesterday. “We have called on the Socialist Workers Party to work from now on to form a government program and ministerial structure,” the MEP told the Commons. “We have already been working since this morning on this.”

Sumar’s initiative is based on the conviction that “there is only one potential positionThe spokesman said: He reiterated the formation of a coalition government, adding that “Mr. Vigo and Fox do not have a majority to form a position, and therefore there is only a potential majority.” Ortason admitted that there is satisfaction in Somar with the results, which is “a starting point, not an arrival point”. In that sense, he insisted, this is the first election Sumar is running in, and so the results cannot compare with those of the old Confederate space of United We Can “and they’ll let us go.” Ortasun stressed that Sumar “will develop politically in the coming years,” to be decisive in the next decade.

“We are satisfied with the result of the first elections, in which Sumar agreed,” the spokesman said.

Soumar attributes part of the left’s success in Sunday’s election to being the force that abandoned polarization and challenged the story already made up in the results: “We said it: the campaign text has been changed, an exciting country project presented. The text on the right can be changed, and now there is only one potential majority and it’s not Mr. Feijóo’s.”

This rush to form the government and raise the post of prime minister prompted Sumar to start dialogue immediately With the forces that must form the progressive and multinational majority, in particular with the Catalan independence movement: “We believe that in order for the talks to flourish we must have the best and, for our space, it is a luxury to have someone from the Jhome Asense path, who in the past has shown his ability to agree”, Somar declared early yesterday afternoon. Sources from Somar indicated that “his knowledge of the Catalan political reality and his good relationship with the many spaces invited to understand each other, will make it easy to reach an agreement.” They explained in the political formation that the task entrusted to Assens is to “know the starting location of the Catalan formations to explore the possibilities of reaching an agreement.”

Pilara accuses ‘abandoning feminism and making Podemos invisible was a mistake’

Despite the joyful atmosphere that prevailed on Sunday at Somar’s headquarters, at the Diario Madrid Foundation, and the satisfaction expressed by Ortason for the results, the CEO of Podemos does not share his optimistic assessment of the situation. After the executive branch meeting, Ioni Pilara, Secretary General of the Rabbits, who won 5 out of 31 seats in Sumar, He blamed Yolanda Diaz, “whom we chose to expand the space and rule more forcefully, but Soumar left more than 700,000 votes and many more seats than the worst result United We Can”.. What’s not accurate: Unidas Podemos, along with los comunes and Galicia En Común, cast 3.1 million votes in November 2019, and Soumar only collected 3 million. Belara applies to the United We Can score in 2019 with the votes of Compromís and Más País, thus the 700,000 he alludes to. Podemos general secretary, in her taped appearance, believes that Sumar’s strategy of “renouncing feminism and making Podemos invisible has turned out to be a mistake” but promises to work on reintroducing coalition government, convinced that Podemos with its five seats is “the ideological engine of the political space and of coalition government”.

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