Telefónica draws from Real Madrid to grow its production services

Telefónica installations for audiovisual services.

Real Madrid TV, the Real Madrid channel, has become one of the pillars of growth for Telefónica Broadcast Services (TBS), the audiovisual production services division of the telecom sector. In its annual financial report, the subsidiary says, it has been “renewed for several seasons Important contracts with Real Madrid“.

The company also highlights, in the technical services sector, the growth of Real Madrid’s channel activity. TBS continues its participation in a joint venture with Supersport Televisión, with a percentage of 50%, whose purpose is to provide technical, editorial and content management services for the Real Madrid TV channel, as well as extensions, complementary services and accessories.

The impact on their accounts due to the integration of UTE results in 2022 represents a turnover of €7.02m, 7.3% more. The net result fell 5.8% to 1.86 million.

In addition to relations in the field of television, Telefónica and Real Madrid signed a strategic alliance in 2019 through which the operator becomes the technological integrator of the club, although the operator specifies that these functions are carried out from another subsidiary.

Overall, TBS recorded revenues of €50.7 million in 2022, an increase of 10.47%. The net result decreased by 14% to 4.2 million as a result of higher supplies and personnel expenses. 60% of the income came from third parties and 40% from the Telefónica Group, Especially Telefónica Audiovisual Digital, the parent company of Movistar +, with more than 19 million. The national market represents 90.64% of the total trading volume.

The subsidiary reached a workforce of 365 employees in 2022, an increase of 27% over the previous year.

Among other business sectors, growth stands out in the agency area. The company has implemented a strategy to gain a presence in this field, and to work on the client’s brand as a creative agency, with fields specializing in Branded contentcorporate events, creative studies and communication campaigns, both for Movistar and for third parties.

In content, the company promoted sports documentaries, made for the main platforms, including “Another Way to Understand Life” for Atlético Madrid, “The Inside” for Fútbol Club Barcelona or the Marc Márquez series.


In technical services, the company has delved into new services such as broadcasting the World Paddle Tour or Hippodromes; Major sporting events such as the Davis Cup, the King’s Cup or the European Basketball League.

At the end of 2022, the company carried out productions of San Silvestre for Telemadrid, Bells of Antena 3 and Parade of the Three Kings for RTVE. His work has also covered sports programs of #Vamos channel or entertainment programs such as La Resistencia, Ilustres Ignorantes, Ferias Taurinas or 5 Tenedores.

Another related activity is the joint venture with Videoreport to produce raffles and small spaces for lottery products sold by ONCE.

growth prospects

Create. TBS, which competes with groups such as Mediapro, is already running a company that works for the company. The subsidiary, established in 2004, provides distribution services through fiber, cable or satellite; space transportation rental services and the space sector; production, post-production, purchase, sale, printing, reproduction and distribution of audiovisual works; Organizing, producing and post-production for any type of media or sporting show or event.

weather forecast. Looking ahead to 2023, the company has set challenging targets for growth in revenue and profitability across all businesses, expanding its position in other segments of the audiovisual market. In 2022, focus on maintaining focus on achieving goals, “positioning ourselves successfully to serve our market”. TBS has leveraged the Group’s scale to maximize its profitability and prepare for future challenges.

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