Teruel Existe loses his seat and España Vaciada is left without representation in Congress

Teruel Exist was erased from Congress. The formation, which was running in these elections under the brand Aragón-Teruel Existe, received 11,133 votes, which was 14.95% of the total votes cast in Teruel. diego loras, Candidate on the list for Teruel to replace Thomas Guitart – So far the Speaker of the Parliament – he has not been able to retain the deputy in the Chamber of Deputies that Guitarte gained in 2019. Other platforms for the Federation of Spain blank also appeared in the polls on 23-J. They were all left without representation by not gathering the necessary support in any of the nine provinces in which they attended: Salamanca, Valencia, León, Valladolid, Burgos, Asturias, Soria, Zaragoza, and Huesca.

“These are not good results for Teruel Xist,” Loras said after knowing the result. We understand that polarization was the overtone of this election. It is not good for any democracy, this polarization leaves no room for constructive, quiet and practical projects … like ours. “This project will take its place again,” Lloras said after learning of the results in statements to the media at the training headquarters in Teruel.

Polls had already predicted that the Aragón-Teruel Existe would struggle to re-verify the seat in a general election with a political council clearly divided into two blocs. These expectations have been met. As the third most vocal in the province of Teruel, the Existe Aragonese-Teruel Alliance was left without a seat. In November 2019, two decades after Teruel Existe began its claims as a social movement, the platform ran in general elections for the first time as a political party. It then became the power with the most votes in the province, and its candidate, Thomas Guitart, was instrumental in the installation of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. His voice resounded loudly throughout the legislature. Four years later, Teruel Existe broke up He lost about 8,000 votes in the province. The three seats in the constituency of Torrulenense were distributed between the People’s Party with two deputies, and the Socialist Workers Party with one.

The Federation of Empty Spain, chaired by Guitarte, was founded in November last year, In an act in which they expressed their intention to seek implementation throughout the country. Since then, formations of different provinces have been working under their umbrella with a common goal: to address problems related to depopulation from institutions, despite the different sects. The first test was the regional and municipal elections on 28 May. The results, in general, were not successful. There were only alegrías in Aragon, as the Coalition Aragon-Teruel Existe entered the Cortes with three deputies and Guitarte as candidate.

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The regional seat that Guétar has secured for Parliament Speaker so far in Congress has prompted him not to repeat the presidency of Teruel’s slate in these generals, according to sources in his government. Although they were “satisfied” with the revenues achieved for Teruel and Aragon as a national viceroy, since the formation they emphasized the difficulties in translating those benefits that were later achieved in the Chamber of Deputies into the reality of Aragon, because of the “backstop” that, in their opinion, the independent government presupposes – because many laws need to be applied in society.

But the division by blocs in which these general elections are framed has caused minority formations to fall back, like the empty Federation of Spain platforms, behind the four main parties. Syria now !, Most voted in last year’s Castilla y León elections in the province, He preferred not to appear in the 28-m municipal elections to save strength for the general, then scheduled, at the end of the year. However, despite the success in the regional elections in Castilla y León, Soria ¡YA! It also failed to enter Congress 23-J collecting 5,546 votes, 18.16% of the total vote, and it remains the third-most vote-getting power in the congressional district. In Syria, the People’s Party won one deputy and the Socialist Workers Party won another. In the rest of the provinces, support was distributed as follows: Salamanca (819 votes, 0.53%), Valencia (156, 0.46%), Leon (304, 0.15%), Valladolid (1,085, 0.37%), Burgos (1,145, 0.57%), Asturias (2,166, 0.38%), Zaragoza Zaza (1,166, 0,38%), Zaragoza (7,595, 1,08%). It was planned that, at the beginning of the preliminary campaign, the España Vaciada would also attend Toledo and La Rioja, but in the end that was not the case.

He attended the local formation Jaén Deserves More, who governs in coalition with the PP in the Jaén City Council after 28-M, outside the federation of empty Spain. But she didn’t achieve representation either, with 7,878 votes and 2.22%. In the province, Jean d’Ervis Mor was the fifth force.

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