Tezanos claims: “All polls failed except for the CIS”

After months of José Félix Tezanos’ criticism of electoral polls published by the Center for Social Research (CIS), the head of the foundation acquitted himself this Tuesday in an interview with RNE after Most of the previous surveys failed To guess the results of the general election on Sunday. Tezanos appreciated his work and noted that his data was “very close to reality” and that “all the polls failed except the CIS”.

The CIS president has been repeatedly accused by the right-wing and related media of consistently favoring the left-wing bloc in electoral metrics that estimate citizens’ votes each month in the general election. Above all, it has been criticized that public body polls almost give victory to the Socialist Workers Party while at the same time several private polls give it to the Popular Party.

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Tezanos commented that since his arrival in the CIS “there has been angry criticism from the politics and communications sectors”, but added that he is not “one of those who throws in the towel” or “bows” before the accusations that have been made. The socialist pointed out that Quick poll The poll conducted by the CIS on July 17 was the most winning electoral poll of 23-J. According to Tezanos, the data deviated from the center by only “a few tenths,” so the distance between his study and the final results is “very small.”

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Pre-election cis flash results, percentage of voting intention


The last poll published by the CIS before the general election estimated the party to win 32% of voter support, compared to the 30% it had predicted for the People’s Party. With 99.73% of the votes counted, it can be seen that the CIS data missed its PP estimate by three percentage points and the PSOE estimate by one point.

The poll determined the third place for Sumar, with 14% of the vote, compared to 12.31% achieved by the formation of Yolanda Diaz finally. Vox as the third force achieved 12.39% support, two points behind the CIS estimate, making it the fourth force.

Surveys are not an accurate tool in the Swiss watch industry

Tezanos assessed that, contrary to what one might think, electoral polls are not a “precision tool in the Swiss watch industry”, so “they only serve to identify trends”. The CIS president considers that in the case of barometers “you don’t have to believe them too much” because they “always” have a theoretical margin of error.

Faced with the accusations he faced during these months, Tezanos noted that he was “not a CIS” and commented that when his person is criticized, the number of professionals, professors and officials who make up the public body and who maintain it are “discredited”.

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