The American ambassador asks Bruce Springsteen to perform in Peralejos de las Truchas

The US ambassador to Spain, Julissa Reynoso, asked American singer Bruce Springsteen to perform in a small town in Guadalajara called Beralyos de las Truchas, who named the president after his adopted son.

In a video message posted from the official account of the US Embassy, ​​Renoso Springsteen asks if he has plans for October as he invites him to come to Guadalajara, home to 149 registered residents.

“Hi, Bruce! I am Julisa Reynoso, your ambassador to Spain. I was wondering: What will you do in October? I will make you an offer you cannot refuse, Mr. Boss. The beautiful city of Peralyos de las Truchas awaits you, here in Spain,” the diplomat began in her letter.

He adds, “Do you know that you are his adopted son? They even put on a music festival in your honor! An American from New York to another great American from New Jersey, from little chief to big chief: come on Peralejos de las Truchas.”

Finally, the ambassador thanks “the people of Beralyos de las Truchas for showing so much love for American culture and the music of the great Bruce Springsteen.” “Let’s see if we can convince him to come to Spain, please, Boss,” concluded Julissa Reynoso, who has been in charge of the US Embassy in Spain since January 2022.

The people do not lose hope

The inhabitants of the commune, in the heart of the Alto Tajo in the province of Guadalajara, do not lose hope that the American singer, the adopted son of the commune where every year a festival dedicated to him is held, will finally visit the city.

In statements to EFE, one of the organizers of the Springsteen Greetings ‘Greeting from Peralejos’ festival, Txema Fernández, commented that they trust the “boss” to visit the city, after Ambassador Julissa Reynoso asked him to visit and perform in this city that has a lot of devotion to him.

Bruce Springsteen.

Manny Espinosa

Txema Fernández admitted that the festival’s organizers did not expect the ambassador’s support, which caused “an uproar not only nationally but internationally”. Fernandez is convinced that the message has reached the president, as are other overtures from the city the singer loves.

“In all procedures, such as the festival or requesting the appointment of Principe de Asturias, we always mention the singer or one of the band members and they have already given us a ‘like’ and these messages reach them,” said Fernandez, who noted that this is not the first time that the singer has been invited to visit their city.

The former mayor of Peralios, Timoteo Simon, did so when he handed him a letter next to the painting of the adopted son during a meeting in a hotel on the occasion of a concert he gave in Madrid and invited him “whenever he wants, on a break between tours, like now”.

“Our city will always have to get lost and separated,” he concluded, “because Peralios is a wonderful place to visit.”

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