The arguments of Osasuna, who will play in the conference, are recognized by UEFA

After nearly two months of uncertainty, after UEFA opened a file against Club Atlético Osasuna, which In principle prevented him from playing the conference leagueAfter finishing seventh in the league, the Court of Arbitration for Sport closed the matter with the approval of the European Football Association, in which it recognized that “in light of the new evidence presented by the club in defense of its participation in the competition, UEFA concluded that Osasuna was a victim of events that occurred nearly a decade ago, and the value of the initiative carried out by the institution to illustrate it.” Therefore, Osasuna is an occasion to participate in it Next edition of the conference. Indeed, despite the first decision ruling the Navarrese club “unfit” to register, Osasuna’s name never disappeared from the list of participants on the UEFA website.

Therefore, Osasuna will be present on August 7 in the league qualifying draw, which will take place on August 24 and 31. According to the statement issued by the club immediately after the news was released, “UEFA’s decision and the ratification of the TAS system ended, whether in ordinary courts or in sports justice, the struggle that the entity waged during the past two months in defense of its rights and the rights of its members.”

The only result of Osasuna’s conflict with the European Football Association is proven in the disciplinary file that the European entity opened against the club due to its going to the ordinary courts in its defense. In this case, the Pamplona club decided not to remove the matter further and would accept the financial penalty imposed by UEFA, and also expressed its commitment not to raise issues in the sports field before the judges.

Euphoria prevails in Osasuna after the TAS decision, after two months of uncertainty. Final judgment of the Supreme Court about the health conditionwhich sentenced many leaders After the complaint of the current board of directors, in which payments to players from other clubs to buy matches in the 2013-14 season were revealed, it was crucial that UEFA decided, at first, to exclude the Navarrese club. Then the hard work began in the offices, although the club’s initial statement indicated a direct confrontation with UEFA: “The message that UEFA is conveying is undoubtedly counterproductive for football and for those entities that risk being sanctioned from sport by European football’s highest body, now choose not to attack corruption in world football head-on”. However, the arguments put forward by the club in the various cases ended up giving him reason in the Court of Arbitration. The prize is the conference.

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