The brokers elect Enrique Moreira to the Senate and unleash a serious crisis in the coalition

The former president of Les Corts Valencianes, Enrique Moreira, will be the new provincial senator from Compromís. A decision that broke the coalition because Iniciativa (the minority partner) realized that it was up to his formation to appoint the coalition’s representative in the Senate. They even held an internal election process and chose incumbent Senator Carles Mollet for it.

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Hector Sanjuan

“The initiative will not be involved in breaking waivers. I have already heard that you have Morera by Les Corts to file documents. Congratulations to the winners. We will start the corresponding legal proceedings. Good morning.” With this letter, one of the leaders of the initiative responded to the urgent appeal of the spokeswoman for Parliament, Joanne Balduffi, to talk about the election of a new senator.

In fact, this afternoon, the environmental socialists called in an executive, warning that all scenarios are open. They are clear about it. Mis Compromise – the majority party led by the new congressman, Ogueda Miko – left “space for compromises” with a “unilateral” decision that violated the agreements reached. Because of this, they point out that it is necessary to “feet to Miss” who understands that he is trying to take the majority of acting positions without honoring the agreements.

The resolution was harshly criticized by Senator Mollett, the initiative proposal for the position, who criticized the “long-needed orderly bombing.”

Thus, he expressed on Twitter that “Més-Compromís has decided unilaterally not to respect the electoral agreement of the independent organizations since it is clear that the senator of Compromís has to elect him in the initiative and they will appoint Enric Morera to the position. We will have time to talk and a lot” “Houses that take years to build can be undone in a second”, he predicted.

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