The Catalan People’s Party increased four deputies but did not achieve the goal of being key to Vigo

PP in Catalunya finished the night with significant growth compared to 2019, but below the expectations they set during the campaign in 23-J. The popular Catalans got 6 seats, four more than in the previous election, leaving the representative exclusion they’ve been in in recent years in Catalonia but nowhere near their best record.

The candidacy headed by Nacho Martín Blanco, the former leader of Ciudadanos, sought to achieve at least eight seats throughout Catalonia, thus propelling Alberto Núñez Figo to Moncloa with growing support in a region where it is always difficult for the People’s Party to advance. He achieved popularity with 5 MPs in Barcelona, ​​tied with Somar as the second power. In Tarragona they get a representative, when they didn’t get a seat in 2019, and they leave zero in Lleida and Girona. However, when opinion polls gave a broad victory, they indicated the possibility of representation in all provinces. They are unable to limit the broad victory of the Catalan socialists in this way.

The famous Catalans, in a complex restructuring after years of operation, and the approval of two new forces on the right – Fuchs, and the disappeared Ciudadanos – link a large part of their future to the project of Alberto Núñez Vigo. The People’s Party candidate showed moderate rhetoric in his campaign in Catalonia, but Vox’s shadow carried a lot of weight. And it is clear that, looking into the immediate future, whether PP is in Moncloa or not has nothing to do with the definition of the famous Catalan project.

Follow Martín Blanco on election night with Manu Reyes, Mayor of Catildefels, Barcelona Councilman Daniel Serrera and Campaign Manager Josep Toutosos. Later, the head of the squad, Alejandro Fernandez, arrived. Thus, the post-election process and the Catalan scenario open up a period of discussion.

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