The Central Electoral Council extends the deadline for voting by mail until tomorrow at 2:00 pm.

The Central Electoral Council has extended the deadline for voting by mail until tomorrow, Friday, at 2:00 pm, as well as I called the post office this morning.

Correos has addressed the board to request an extension of the term and the board has now accepted the request after the meeting. In this way, the possibility of voting by mail is extended for another day – until tomorrow the 21st at 2:00 pm.

Until tomorrow at 2:00 pm

The Joint Economic Commission (JEC) is extending the possibility of voting by mail for another morning

Correos asked for the extension “in an effort to favor the exercise of the right to vote by all interested citizens,” claiming that it involved “extraordinary human effort and resources for Correos.”

José Luis Alonso Nestal, Deputy Director of Postal Operations, confirmed this morning that there are still “170,000 votes to be collected”, and assured that “everyone is calm” because “the offices will not close if you are in line”. The Postal Service estimates that a large number of people who have not yet gone to the branch can do so in the next few hours.

July 19th

Correos delivered 89.3% of voting documents by hand and did not identify the remainder

Yesterday, more than 282,000 people were still waiting to collect votes by mail for next Sunday’s elections in the offices of the Postal Company, as they were not present in their homes when the postman went to deliver them even twice, while there were 2,342,430 documents. Hand-delivered to voters 89%.

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