The collapse of the seats leaves Vox affected and opens wounds between Abascal and Feijóo

The workers, who make up the majority of the migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, have not yet finished dismantling the scaffolding that was put in place this morning. In Front Of Vox Headquarters As a platform for television cameras during election night, when a new sign had already appeared on the facade of the building: “Thank you! 3,031,800”. He was referring to the number of votes the party, which is still provisional, received at 23-y. A few hours later, Vox distributed the photo album of its 33 new deputies.

There is a rush to turn the page and make people forget that 600,000 votes have been lost compared to four years ago and that 33 are 19 fewer than the 52 who have sat so far in Carrera de San Jerónimo. In addition to not being “decisive” to the expulsion of Pedro Sanchez from La Moncloa, As Abascal intended, they would not be able to make an appeal of unconstitutionality, as their predecessors had done half a hundred times, nor would they make motions of censure, as Fox had done twice. At least not alone.

In the list of deputies there are some who have appeared for the first time, such as Carlos Flores, who was rejected by the People’s Party as vice-president of Valencia due to his conviction of violence against women; Former Senator Pippa Millan, one of the female faces she’s with vox He has tried to fight his macho image in this campaign. Or Ignacio Hawkes, who in the last legislature served as political commissar from his position as advisor to the parliamentary group.

But there are also some people who should have been there and were left out because the results were worse than expected: Rodrigo Alonso, leader of the Vox union party Solidaridad, who was No. 2 in Almería, the starting position: Víctor González Coello from Portugal, former vice president of the party and fundraiser; Francisco José Contreras, former director of lobby ultra-catholic to hear; Luis Gestoso, Abascal’s right-hand man in Murcia; Dr. Juan Luis Steigmann, harassed in the ranks of his party for his defense of the Covid vaccine. Or Carla Toscano, who enjoyed brief fame in Congress for her outbursts against Secretary Irene Monteiro. Finding a new vice president to serve as the scourge of feminists, a role Vox has always reserved for women, will be even more difficult, since out of 33 there are only eight women, less than 25%.

Santiago Abascal, on the balcony of the Fox headquarters in Madrid, after learning of the election results Sunday. Jaime Villanueva

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Abascal assumed that he could not keep the 52 seats he had secured at a time of weakness for the People’s Party, and on the day of the vote began grooming his followers, expecting that any result Fox would get “in the circumstances” would be “heroic”. The circumstances he alluded to, and which abounded when the debacle occurred, refer to the alleged manipulation of opinion polls, the “demonization” of Vox by the media, and the layoffs of voters due to the leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Nunez Figo, whom he accuses of “washing out” the government of Pedro Sánchez with his “permanent bid.” Thus, the failure of the “alternative,” i.e. a coalition government between the PPP and Vox on the basis of a parliamentary majority for both, would have many responsibilities, but none of them. Lungs, Vox released an analysis on Monday that the “useful vote” Feijóo had demanded had damaged the right to Albacete, Seville, Tarragona, Burgos or the Balearic Islands, where the People’s Party was wasting thousands of surplus votes that, if they had gone to Vox, would have translated into seats.

However, data analysis allows for different readouts. Vox fell by 2.82 points in Spain as a whole (from 15.21 to 12.39% of the vote), but the decline was not uniform. The biggest setback in terms of seats occurred in Castilla y León, where it lost five of its six deputies and lost three points. Abascal positions this community, which has been governed by Labor and the Fox in coalition since April 2022, as a model for national government.

However, in terms of the percentage of lost votes, the decline was greater in Castilla-La Mancha (4.3 points), Madrid (4.5), Canaria (5) and Andalusia (5.3). Although the biggest collapses occurred in Murcia, where Vox voted against the famous installation of Fernando López Meras and lost 6.3 points; and Ceuta, where they played hostility against Morocco and lost 12 points. Vox can boast that it has grown in Catalonia and the Basque Country, but it remains unrelated in both, at 7.7% in the first and 2.6% in the second.

This campaign left a scar between Abascal and Vigo. The first publicly congratulated him on Sunday – there is no record of him inviting him to do so in person – because he had managed, he said, to count on his party to reach La Moncloa “as he wanted”, while the general secretary of the formation, Ignacio Garriga, made it clear that his deputies would “never vote” for the candidate of the People’s Party if his majority is also in the way of absolute access. Abascal and Vigo, who had a first conversation on Monday, have many pending issues, in addition to a hypothetical installation of the second, such as negotiating the new Aragonese government, on which an agreement is expected soon; And Morcian poisoned much more.

At Vox, it’s a given that he’ll be there Re-election And that this campaign will be very different from the one that just ended. In any case, the affiliates will not be able to claim responsibility for mistakes made in this matter because Vox does not recognize them and, for the first time, has not made the name of its director public and there is no one to claim it.

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