The council will address multilingualism in vegetarian classrooms and promote the Valencian exemption

The teaching of the Valencian language in the educational system of the Valencian community will soon become one of the issues that will create the most controversy in the Valencian community. Among others, because the Executive Director of Carlos Mazón aims to bring about a marked change in the model promoted by Botànic of multilingualism in schools, and also in the possibility of promoting the Valencia exemption in the Spanish-speaking areas of Valencia.

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The new Minister of Education, Universities and Employment of the Generalitat Valenciana, José Antonio Rovira – who was already in a high position in this department in the days of the PP – confirmed that one of his priorities would be to change “some aspects” of the multilingualism law, the star law in Botànic educational affairs that dissolved Replaces the first decree that was overturned by the courts and which is currently in effect.

Regulations specify a minimum of 25% of teaching in the Valencian language (and in Spanish, compared to 15% in English). This made it necessary to give more than one subject (including one of Valencian language and literature) in the centers of the Spanish-speaking regions, whose students can request an exemption for not taking the examination in this subject.

current legislation

The regulations specify a minimum of 25% in Valencian or Spanish and 15% in English

Rovira warned that “in the short term, there is a paradox that young people from areas in which Llei d’Ús i Ensenyament excludes Valencia at the same time, by the law of multilingualism, are compelled to give to their subjects in a language from which they are exempt.” A circumstance described by the Head of Education It is a loophole in the law that must be resolved as soon as possible. “Another thing – he qualifies – is to take a global approach to reforming this law.”

As the new minister, from Alicante and a person with the highest confidence of President Carlos Mazón, also pointed out regarding the ratio of different languages ​​in the centers, it is the centers and school boards that “know best what are the needs of a place that will continue to bear a lot of weight”.

government agreement

The PP and Vox agreement provides for “the free choice of language of instruction between the two official languages ​​at all educational levels”

However, he emphasized that his party’s commitment is to defend the right to choose the education and language of their children. In fact, in the government agreement signed by the People’s Party (the party to which Rovira belongs) and Vox, point 27 of the same agreement stated that the new executive would guarantee “freedom of education, freedom of choice of center, and free choice of language of instruction among officials at all educational levels” .

From this statement we can deduce his adherence to the system in force at the time of the PP and which went through the coexistence of the lines in Valencia (in which the majority of subjects were in this language) and the lines in Castilian (which happened to be the instrument of language teaching). Despite this, the model on which PP will bet, with the pressure of Vox, is still not specified.

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