The defeated absentee

Absentee defeated: Feijóo. Because he excluded himself, the first self-relapse. Well, if the president can only get out of the two big parties, then a bloc of several parties, one from the left or one from the right, can build the majority rule and rule.

The left presented itself as united, sympathetic and coordinated. And the block on the right, wounded itself, with only one leg. Over exaggeration. The limp showed that armchairs are more interesting than principles and that special interests are more important than values.

Santiago Abascal (Vox), discussion moderator Xabier Fortes, Yolanda Díaz (Sumar) and Pedro Sánchez (PSOE), before meeting on RTVE.
picture: Alvaro Garcia | video: EPV

The absent also lost because by not appearing he showed that without him all democratic debate is easier, more orderly, and more heard and respected: Face to face with Pedro Sanchez. Even Santiago Abascal defended his anti-constitutional, anti-environmental, women’s rights and sexual diversity positions, boycotting less than the leader of the People’s Party.

He was also unable to convince the final vice president to report the yield of predicting a harmonious coexistence of blue and black: The degree of brutality and their qualities. The chief made Diana conclude that he was “ashamed to appear with his partner.”

The Yolanda-Pedro ticket, as it was called, works well. It showed something that is not often emphasized: that if a progressive coalition government were repeated, it would not be like the government of Socialists and Bodums that is now ending its course. It would be a novelty.

changing the style of the junior partner, emphasizing favoritism rather than individualistic extremes; rhetoric changed, decreasing the call for permanent confrontation; The relationship with the citizen changes: he is worried about clinging to his problems to solve them – as he insisted Very proactive Yolanda Diaz– instead of reporting it. The PSOE-Sumar government will make much less noise.

Well, the first big hint of this potential new mode of governance was verified in this three-way debate. Sanchez and Diaz effectively delved into the history and pacts of the PP-Vox couple. In their intimate community, the various acrimonies shown in the ferocity of abolitions, reductions, and assaults on rights transcend.

And so, at nearly interchangeable turns, the left-wing couple abounded in synchronicity of blues and blacks when voting against economic and social laws: vital minimum incomes, increases in occupational minimum wages, and labor reform. And remember, as Sanchez did, the People’s Party did it worse, because it sought the vote Two Navarrese fugitives, In the old style of rotten Tamiyazu.

and those for expanding the rights of women and minorities. Angered by their current censorship of cultural aspects they dislike in the autonomy they jointly control.

Given this crucial scheme of debate, the continuing blow of tortuous statements proposed by Abascal to lure hapless Spaniards suffering from utter “ruin” remained a mere anecdote: he was revised with recourse to his vote against all improvements in the income of the pensioners, the working and the powerless. Then there was room to bring inflation down from 10% to 1.9% in about a year. Tuberous cows promoted by Vox in Castilla y León …

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