The end of the old heads

There are still some old bosses out there who don’t realize we’re in for a World Cup summer, soccer, and then a Bluebells summer. My head–my head was old, as I said, still too early to offend us–until some girl reminded me of the month that was upon us and the new time in which, fortunately, we seemed to be settling down. There are never certain conquests, feminism is the last great revolution and The FIFA World Cup has no rival or comparison In the imagination of the fan, especially in the case of the younger and less polluted, who these days will enjoy their favorite sport without having to reset their own complexes.

said the ball. In my city, like every summer, few tourists arrive, mostly from the rest of Spain. Sometimes an ignorant English couple appears, as if out of nowhere. or some french. But, as a rule, those responsible for changing our faces for a few months are those Spanish families who fill everything with colour, screams, melting ice cream and football, lots of football, the town square overflowing with new talent from abroad and some local footballers trying Maintain their privileges as junior and regular residents. “watch out!” Someone yells as I pass. What follows is that a ball hit my temples and miraculously did not knock me down, accompanied by the laughter of two brats dressed as soccer players. At another time, perhaps at the same moment before receiving that dazzling blow, this old head would probably have said that they were in disguise.

Football has a certain ability to change things, but at the moment only women’s football has the demonstrable virtue of really changing it. It’s not a panacea, nor is there anything. La FIFA He has already warned the participants that he will not allow rainbow bracelets or claims of almost any other kind, as has indeed happened with Men of the World in the past. But photography is completely different, not because of the places, but because of the photo, which is almost not informative and perfectly illustrated Sarah Wegman In a recent interview at Watchman. “When I go to the store, people tell me that their daughter wears this shirt. And his son takes it too. We have changed society, ”the English coach proudly comments.

Here, in Spain, the change becomes particularly evident when one looks to parks, training fields, neighborhood goals…not so much to the boxes, or to the bench of the national team itself. But everything will come, although the Spanish Football Federation refuses to accept the evidence and insists on its patronizing and paternalistic vision of the new football. For them, everything is still old, almost as old as their heads: nothing that cannot be fixed with goals, play, and a good ball from time to time.

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