The ERC is in danger of maintaining the dominance of the independence movement in Congress

Esquerra Republicana did not hide its nervousness when President Pedro Sánchez surprised everyone by calling general elections a few hours after the municipal elections. Things did not go well for Oriol Junqueras’ party on the 28-M and the new appointment with the polls did not augur well.. The immediate appeal of President Pere Aragon to build a pro-independence strategic unit in Madrid, after a few hours of municipal pacts, did not dilute the task they were facing: the possible demobilization of the pro-independence voter, the flight of leftists, and the halting of the downward trend that had manifested itself in the last elections.

There are currently 13 deputies in Congress for the Equity and Reconciliation Commission, which gives it the dominance of the independence movement in Madrid despite the loss of two seats after the 2019 elections were repeated. Since then, the Republicans lost the 2021 Catalan elections against the Council for Peace and Security, although they were able to rule with Jontes, and in the municipal elections they lost 300 thousand votes and fell from first to third place. The party justified the stumbling block in these elections by an increase in abstention by 6.5 points, but opinion polls on Sunday predict a loss of between three and five deputies. Dominance is in danger.

The appeal to the advantageous vote to “defend Catalonia” shows its rivalry with PSC, Sumar and Jontes

The paradox compared to what is happening in the rest of Spain is that the electoral situation could return PSC to first place on the podium in Catalonia after years of rule. practicalAnd this will mean a new blow to the Equity and Reconciliation Center. Those of Junqueras are confident of consolidating second place because otherwise it would be “very bad news,” they admit. But the poll reflects strong growth in Catalonia de Juntes and especially in the People’s Party, which could quadruple its results from two seats to eight.

To avoid a new setback, the ERC designed a practical campaign for this 23-J, With Gabriel Ruffian in the title role, who moves well on the march, sending direct and easy-to-interpret messages. And with a slogan – “Defend Catalonia” – he sums up its proposal positively and tries to determine its usefulness against its rivals, PSC, Sumar and Junts. The problem, however, is the company’s handling of a headwind.

The Republicans have seen the expectations of their opponents on the left side (PSC and especially En Comú Podem, a reference ally of Yolanda Díaz) grow as a result of the polarization with which this election was presented (PSOE-Sumar vs. PP-Vox). Also on the pro-independence wing, Juntz questioned the ERC’s pragmatic strategy at all times.

His role as partner in the coalition government of Sánchez and Díaz conditioned the campaign. The party has offered a defense of the work done, stating that it has “accepted 89% of the government’s legislative work through negotiation”, compared to what might come, the People’s Party government and the far right. Coupled with nonconformity allowed them to question the progressive character of PSOE and Sumar.

To seduce the pro-independence voter, ERC demonstrated its alliance with EH Bildu, and the story flung between self-criticism and realism: “Esquerra’s strategy may not be the one that arouses the most enthusiasm in the pro-independence world, but it is the only one on the table,” they concluded. The pragmatic drift is also at stake this Sunday.

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