The European Party congratulates Vigo and believes it has a “clear mandate” to govern

The electoral residue is already noticeable in Brussels weeks later important tensions At the expense of the elections in Spain, with a tit-for-tat between the two main political groups of the Eurochamber: the People’s Democrats and the Socialists. Their readings of what happened in the elections reveal their clear differences.

The leader of the European People’s Party congratulated Manvid Weber on his social networks Alberto Nunez Figo For his “obvious victory”. “Winning three million votes since 2019 gives the People’s Party a clear mandate to form a government and reflects the will for change,” the German politician said.

There is a big difference in the opinion of the leader of the ranks of the Social Democratic Group, the Spaniard Iratx García Perez, who believes that the result shows that “the majority wants to continue progress in equality and social rights against a reactionary conservative coalition.” “Good news for the European Union.” I hope the PPE understands the message.” The social democratic group also considers in its social networks that “the message is clear” and that “Spain says no to the far right in government.”

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For its part, the European Commission – which never comments on election results – is confident that the Spanish presidency will continue to do so. perform his role, as until now, and maintains “full confidence in the ability of the Spanish authorities” to carry out their responsibilities. When the acting head of government, Pedro Sánchez, called for elections, the executive director of the community had already confirmed that he would be in contact with Madrid so that everything could continue its “normal course”.

The elections in Spain were followed with great interest from the capital of society with a clear vision of whether the country will join an upward trend in Europe Support for the far right. In particular, because of its impact on important legislation such as the Immigration Pact or the Nature Restoration Act (which has caused tensions between the Socialist People’s Party, the Socialists, and Fox) that must be negotiated during this semester; And even its ultimate impact on next year’s European elections, where the composition of the European Parliament could change.

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