The fake doctor who worked for seven months in Berga Hospital without qualifications or studies was arrested

the Fake doctor from Berga – A 30-year-old woman – who worked seven months in a hospital without studies or qualifications, was arrested on Monday night in Vic by Mossos de Escuadra. At the moment, he is accused of four crimes and the investigation is still open.

Police investigations confirmed that the impersonator pretended to be a nurse or doctor in at least three health centers. In addition to those in Berga, he would have fraudulently worked at the Dexius University Hospital in Barcelona and a clinic in Girona. The false doctor is accused of four crimes: occupational intrusion, forgery of a public document, and rape of civil status.

without a degree

She was appointed after submitting a screenshot of the university number and two photos in a female doctor’s uniform

It was last Thursday when the director of Berga Hospital denounced the Moussos that a fake doctor without a degree had worked at the center since December, which was confirmed by the police force. According to the Col.legi de Metges database in Barcelona, ​​use the university number of another doctor.

The fake doctor was hired after being shown a screenshot with a university number as well as two photos in a doctor’s uniform. A call from a private health group indicating that the bogus doctor had attempted to operate at the center put the hospital on alert. The center’s director, Antonia Parladis, explained that she had not yet obtained the certificate because she had just graduated. His “wise” attitude, when asking other colleagues when he had to sign a prescription or a report, had already generated mistrust. Upon discovering that she was not listed in the medical union’s database, they opened a disciplinary file for a particularly serious offense and suspended her from her duties.

open an investigation

In search of infected patients

The head of human resources at the health center has been fired. In addition, Servei Català de la Salut opened an internal investigation while the Mossos to determine other centers where the woman could have worked, as well as gather information on affected patients. The detainee will go to court within the next few hours.

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