The international press highlights the downfall of the Fox regime and the “surviving” Sanchez dossier

Major headlines from the international press devoted ample space on their front pages to General elections held on Sunday in Spain. Most highlight the absence of network winners, the downfall of the alt-right and the figure of Pedro Sánchez as a “political survivor”.

financial times. The election result in Spain was the editorial news of the British newspaper on Monday morning, before a global audience. The main piece analyzes how Pedro Sánchez was able to put together “strong resistance against the PPP-alt-right coalition” despite expectations. It highlights the “stone face” of Alberto Núñez Viejo Exit to the balcony of the headquarters in Genoa He states as part of Vox’s campaign “denying climate change, opposing Muslim immigrants, questioning violence against women and wanting to overturn laws that defend the rights of the LGTBI collective.” In a second analytical article titled “The Mistakes of the Right Helped Pedro Sanchez Halt Fox’s Advance in Spain”, financial times Remember that The weeks leading up to the general electionAgreements between the People’s Party and Vox provided real examples of what this alliance meant “and many voters didn’t like what they saw”. Among these examples, they cite LGTBI flag bans and cultural censorship.

Watchman. The British newspaper makes its headlines with political uncertainty after the People’s Party did not achieve the “expected majority” and highlights the “fears” born in Spain of the fact that the far right might enter government for the first time “since the country’s restoration of democracy after the death of Franco.”

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New York times. The American newspaper said Sunday’s inconclusive result would lead Spain into “political chaos”. It highlights, like other international headlines, the “collapse” of the far-right a few weeks later as it appeared to be about to enter the government of Spain, which seemed “immune to extremism since the end of the Franco regime”. In addition, he describes as “clearly defensive” Feijóo speech in Genoa, arguing that it would be an “anomaly” if the most voted list could not rule and that this would discredit Spain abroad. “A first-class political survivor,” the article adds, “once again he has defied expectations.” The newspaper stated that the prime minister succeeded during his tenure in “keeping inflation low, easing tensions with separatists in Catalonia and increasing the rate of economic growth, pensions and the minimum wage.”

Le Monde. Feijóo still wants to believe. Thus begins the history of the French newspaper about the elections in Spain. But music and sweets don’t fool many people. The Conservative leaders’ forced smiles and serious faces added their correspondent on the balcony. The newspaper also blames previous PP agreements with Vox, censorship of films and plays, and the far-right party’s stance on sexual violence crimes as the factors that led to the downfall of Vox and the insufficient victory of the People’s Party.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung. German newspaper headlines “Spaniards consolidate centre” and highlight that “right turn may have been averted”.

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