The international press highlights the Spanish political blockade after 23 J

International grabs place The general elections that took place yesterday in Spain In prominent locations in their digital versions, they all shed light on the state of siege the country is facing. Most of the media sees Alberto Núñez Figo as the winner who will not be able to rule and Pedro Sanchez as the loser who has options to rule but relies on the independent Catalans. However, they see great danger Repeat elections.

financial times

“Spain faces uncertain political future after electoral impasse,” headlines the prestigious London financial newspaper, which notes that Figo’s PP “has become the majority party in Congress, but neither he nor Prime Minister Sánchez has a clear path to forming a government.” In an analysis, the Financial Times concluded, “Conservative blunders helped Sanchez halt Fox’s career in Spain.”


He is also British Watchman He sees a “hung parliament” after the failure of the Conservative bloc to achieve the expected majority. The numeric indicates that both Feijóo and Sánchez claim victory but expect “weeks of negotiations ahead”. The newspaper indicates that the poll’s expectations were not met and that the elections raised fears of the entry of the extreme right into the government for the first time since the country’s return to democracy after the death of General Franco five decades ago.


British public television headlines read “The Conservatives Lose Outright Victory While the Left Celebrate” and explain that Figo declared victory in the snap election, but without the result he needed. He also warns that even with the support of the far right, his People’s Party has not achieved a parliamentary majority. For the BBC, although both Figo and Sanchez could claim success, “Spain were left with an inconclusive result”. Television reports that the cheers in the socialist camp were as loud as Sanchez’s statement: “The reactionary bloc has failed.”

New York times

“Inconclusive elections are driving Spain into political chaos,” the Big Apple headlines in a more conservative stance on its website. The newspaper added, “The results showed that no party had obtained the necessary support for the ruling, which made the country face weeks of uncertainty.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine

German headlines highlight Sanchez’s success: “The Loser of the Spanish Elections Laughs a Lot”. “The conservative Popular Party wins the parliamentary elections, but the right-wing camp is very weak,” continues the FAZ party, which gives the socialist Sanchez “a new chance,” “it has to approach the Catalan separatists.”

the world

“The bitter victory of Alberto Núñez Viejo,” tops the Parisian newspaper, which notes that although the People’s Party won the elections, with three million more votes compared to the 2019 elections, “the right-wing leader does not seem able to build a government coalition.” Despite the jubilation in the PSOE, the French daily believes it will likely lead to “a deadlock in parliament and an ungovernable country”. And heralds new elections.

Corriere della Sera

The Milan newspaper highlights the victory of the People’s Party but “only on paper: it has no numbers to govern”, and includes that the socialist Sanchez “denies elections and resists” with a “stunning return” compared to opinion polls. He blames Vox’s poor score on Feijóo’s inability to judge and considers “Junts Catalans” to be crucial.


“The People’s Party comes first but with the fall of Vox, the right will not rule,” the headlines of the Italian newspapers, which after describing the results and especially “with 33 deputies after Franco” Figo does not have a majority. La Roblica points out that “the Catalan separatists are decisive” but sees “the danger of a new vote”.


“The Left Resists Attack of the Right,” headlines the Brussels newspaper, which explains that Sanchez was saved against all odds and that the People’s Party did not achieve the results that were expected. “Formation of a majority promises to be complicated,” warns the Belgian French-language progressive newspaper.

Al Jazeera

“Spain is in a political deadlock after the election that does not show a clear winner,” reports the Qatari news channel, which reiterates that the People’s Party won the majority of seats, but it is possible that “it will not be able to remove Pedro Sanchez.” Spain appears to be heading towards a “hung parliament,” indicating the channel that sees the country “without a clear path to forming a new government.”

Xinhua News

And the Chinese news agency has made headlines indicating that the PSP-Sumar alliance will not reach a majority either: “The prospects for a coalition government are now uncertain,” the agency warns.

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