The JEC warns that voters cannot go to vote with T-shirts bearing the slogan “Que te vote Txapote”

The Central Electoral Council (JEC) has warned that people should not be allowed to vote at a polling station in T-shirts that include the slogan “Que te votes Txapote” with the shield of Spain, noting that the electoral regulations include a “general ban”. Bringing “election propaganda of any kind” to a polling place on Election Day.

In this way, the arbitral tribunal responds to an inquiry from the Jaén District Police Station to publish messages on social networks that encourage voters to go “to the polling stations with a T-shirt reading” Que te vote Txapote “with the coat of arms of the Spanish state.

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The Joint Economic Commission (JEC) responded to an inquiry from the Ji’an Provincial Police Station

In this context, the Joint Election Commission refers to Article 93 of the Basic Law of the General Electoral System (LOREG) which refers to the “general prohibition” on voters carrying electoral propaganda when voting. “The use of T-shirts bearing the slogan ‘Que te vote Txapote’ must be understood as contained in the prohibition set forth in Article 93,” he said.

For this reason, the Joint Electoral Commission states that it is up to the chairmen of the electoral tables to ensure that the polling stations and their surroundings are “free of symbols which, because of their political connotations, could constitute electoral propaganda.” Thus, the authority ensures that they “may need the assistance of the security and arms forces to make this ban effective.”

Finally, the arbitral tribunal expects this Agreement to be transmitted to the Provincial Electoral Boards for their knowledge and to the District Electoral Boards, which must notify the electoral tables on the day of voting.

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