The King celebrates the Royal Collection Gallery at the official opening as a “tool for the dissemination of the artistic heritage” of the Crown

Kings Felipe VI (left) and Letizia (right) opened the exhibition of the Royal Collections, this Tuesday in the Royal Palace of Madrid, in front of the Head of Government, Pedro Sánchez (right).Borja Sanchez Trillo (EFE)

He appreciated King Philip VI Royal Collections Gallery which was inaugurated on Tuesday in Madrid, affirming that it will become “the main instrument for the preservation, management and dissemination of the historical and artistic heritage of the ‘crown’ celebrated in the royal sites, of which there is a good representation”.

Kings have presided Opening of the Royal Collections Showroom, It is run by Patrimonio Nacional and is located in the Plaza de la Armería, in front of the Royal Palace and next to the Almudena Cathedral. In law, we coincided, among other things, with the positions of the head of government, Pedro Sánchez, and the presidents of Congress and the Senate, Mirichell Patet and Andre Gil, respectively.

The king noted that the new exhibition “offers a journey through the history of Spain through the continuity of ownership that is symbolized in the royal collections” and highlighted the “stable exhibitionist discourse” of a “flexible, modern and innovative” collection, which “shows the work of patronage and collection with the gallery and making the artistic jewels of the collections available to citizens”. “Extraordinary physical testimonies of our shared history and culture,” have confirmed.

Felipe VI stressed that it is not only a matter of “a splendid collection of first-rate pieces of art from the national heritage collections themselves”, but that “in addition to the aesthetic enjoyment and the immense cultural value of the works”, they acquire their meaning “in the context in which they were produced in the places in which they were: the real places in which they lived and in a period of time fundamentally defined between the XII and Alphonse Catholic Kings”.

“The result is a unique exhibition that, despite its huge size, is welcoming and not overwhelming, looking out to nature and its surroundings through an architecture that discovers and makes its own even the remains of Madrid’s Arab wall,” he defended. In this context, the Head of State also directed his words towards the National Heritage, an institution that, in his words, “guards and manages the vast cultural and natural heritage received through successive reigns and dynasties and which is shared today by all Spaniards”.

On the occasion of the opening of the Royal Collections Exhibition, His Majesty noted that the National Heritage Foundation as a whole is being enriched and strengthened in its cultural educational function, which is an essential complement to its primary function of serving the Crown.”

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