The left encourages the dream of return

The campaign ended with what old football historians describe as “a party with two well-differentiated parts”. At first, the People’s Party appeared to be propelled toward an unstoppable victory after the televised face-to-face confrontation in which its leader, Alberto Núñez Figo, He managed to get Pedro Sanchez out of his boxes. In the second, popular They have chained the stumbling blocks It even ended up raising the morale of the socialists, who had spent several days ousted by their leader’s trigger in the televised contest. The other force on the left, Sumar, who also seemed hesitant at the start of the campaign, received a boost of euphoria after praising the performance of his candidate, Yolanda Diaz, In the three-way debate last Wednesday. And so, between one thing and another, the campaign ended on Friday in a climate unimaginable a week ago, with the left fanning the dream of a comeback against a right that the vast majority of public opinion – more than 60%, according to the last known polls – already considered the winner.

The thousands of enthusiastic socialists who applauded Sanchez on Friday at a pep rally in Getafe created a surprising picture for a party that sees the stakes as a loser. “The right and the far right are broken,” he shouted. Unleash a socialist leaderWho urged everyone to continue “until the last blow, until the last breath, until the last vote” to achieve a “resounding victory” on Sunday. The day before, the Older Socialists had already watched in amazement about 4,000 people They left a small hall in Lugo to cheer Sanchez. In that county, which was not initially on the agenda of the president’s election campaign, one of those small battles is taking place that together can end in a decision about the elections. In 2019 PSOE and PP shared the four seats there. Now the Socialists are fighting so that a small flight of votes does not tip the balance 3-1 in favor of the people.

When the ban on posting polls went into effect last Tuesday, The demographic wind seems to have shifted a bit After a week, the socialists were mercilessly punished. PSOE indicated shy rebound. Since then, no more polls have been revealed, although those who run the parties internally and comment on them behind the scenes suggest – with the caution required in these cases – that the trend has consolidated. Researchers consulted at Demoscope insist that famous people are still the favourites, but in light of what has been seen in recent days it seems premature to consider the battle over.

In Getafe, Sánchez wanted to convince those present that it was still possible to revive the alliance between the PSOE and the “Party of Yolanda Diaz”. The current government’s second partner also hastily ended its campaign. The best evidence of Diaz’s growing role in recent days is that the People’s Party has gone from ignoring her to making her the target of its attacks. In angry terms. FAES, Jose Maria Aznar Foundation, Contact him in an editorial “A neocommunist uniform hastily assembled from scraps of Dior and modest self-help literature.” The day before, accusations of being a macho had been thrown at Feijóo on social networks for questioning employment figures from the Ministry of Labor with the joke that Diaz “knows a lot about makeup”.

Feijóo and the truth

The Sumar leader has contributed to Feijóo’s recent troubles because she has been able to submit An old friendship of the candidate of the People’s Party with the smuggler, who was later convicted of drug trafficking, Marcial Dorado. There was no media interviewing Feijóo this week that didn’t ask him about a matter he didn’t finish clarifying. This Friday in Cobb, they allegedly were friends at the time, when he was already holding related public office, Dorado He was a smuggler, not a drug dealer. A way to admit that he is involved in criminal activities.

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Feijóo has built one of the campaign’s themes in presenting himself as the standard-bearer of the truth against the “government of lies”. Since he has been caught in several notorious lies, this account has been hacked. A staunch defense of truth as an indispensable value of politics monopolized his campaign rhetoric. At his gathering this Friday in Malaga, the declaration’s tones have already slipped several times.

If the dream of the left is to return, then the dream of the People’s Party is a close to an absolute majority that allows it to rule alone. Feijóo explained again in Malaga, accompanied by the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, to accurately evoke What happened last year in the elections of this community. Popular people still see themselves as winners, but the euphoria has subsided. They ended the campaign with warnings of distrust and calls to vote for Vox voters. And while the bases of the right constantly exhorted “Vote you Txapote,” the popular candidate insisted on sending a conciliatory message. “I’m not here to break anything or take revenge on anyone,” he said.

The priority at Vox is to stop the leaks to PP that the polls have been monitoring. Having opted for Abascal in last Thursday’s debate to salvage criticism from the absentee Feijóo, he changed his strategy at the end of the campaign accusing him of favoring an agreement with the PSOE rather than his own party. Vox went to its glamourous venue, Plaza de Colon in Madrid, headed by a giant Spain flag. Unlike other glorifications of days, this time he failed to fill it.

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