The man who was arrested for the murder of his partner in Humiladero has been released

The Court of First Instance and Education No. 3 of Antequera, acting as a guard, on Saturday ordered the release of the man arrested in connection with the murder of his partner, a 54-year-old woman, in the town of Humiladero in Malaga.

The man, who will have to appear in court whenever necessary, has the status of an investigation, and during the investigation the crime, injuries or murder will be determined, as stated by the Supreme Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA).

Carmen has already denounced her partner in September 2020

In the early hours of Thursday, the woman called the emergency service 112 warning that she was having difficulty breathing. Personnel from the Civil Guard and health services went to the scene, and transferred her to the regional hospital in Antequera, where she was admitted with head trauma.

However, due to the seriousness of the injuries, the victim was transported by helicopter to Malaga Regional Hospital, where he died hours later, according to health sources.

Investigators arrested his accomplice for this crime in the nearby town of Alameda, about 15 kilometers from Humiladero. Apparently, the woman managed to betray her alleged abuser before her death, according to sources close to the investigation.

The circumstance happens that on July 15, the first incident occurred between the victim, whose name is Carmen, and her partner and it is being investigated whether there could be more. Carmen has already denounced her partner in September 2020, but no court action has taken place.

The government delegation to combat violence against women emphasized the masculine nature of the crime

Both victim and abuser were included in the comprehensive monitoring system in cases of gender-based violence, known as VioGén, due to said complaint, but remained inactive as no judicial action was taken.

The alleged attacker was taken on Friday to the home of the victim to reconstruct the events, as well as to Alameda for a house search, and this Saturday he was transferred from the cells of Antequera to the court.

The government delegation to combat violence against women confirmed on Friday the masculine nature of the crime, which will be the eighth in Andalusia in the field of former spouses or partners and the 29th so far this year in Spain.

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