The People’s Party will activate dialogue with the opposition to open legal bodies in the Valencian region

The head of the public body, Carlos Mazon, announced his intention to lift the ban “as quickly as possible” on the renewal of legal bodies that had expired months ago. In order to reach an agreement that was impossible at the end of the last legislature – the People’s Party and Ciudadanos withdrew from the agreement at the last moment – Mazon indicated that the popular group in Les Corts would start a round of contacts to “talk to everyone”.

Among others, it is pending the renewal of important institutions of democratic control such as the Sindicatura de Comptes, the Consell Jurídic Consultiu or the Consell de Transparencia. Enhanced majorities are necessary.


Mazon would rather be remembered than paid for by PSPV; would be a “last resort”

The president of Valencia made these remarks in a framework SER meetings Held at L’Oceanogàfic de València where he commented on the results of the last general election or claimed his agreement with Vox. When asked by journalist Bernardo Guzmán about whether he would pressure PSPV to come to an agreement – given that they had already given him the numbers with Compromís – he indicated that he preferred to “avoid pressure” and bet on “an agreement”; He added that it would be a “last resort” for him.

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Hector Sanjuan

During the interview, Mazón made the dialogue a transversal tool and chose it, not only to renew the entities, but to maintain the relationship with unions and employers and even seek agreements with Castilla-La Mancha on water.

Regarding the formation of the government of Valencia, he rejected that the agreements reached in the Valencian Community rallied the left and thanked Carlos Flores – Fox’s candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat – “for the gesture [renunció a formar parte del nuevo ejecutivo] This made things easier. Flores was convicted Habitual psychological violence against his ex-wife.

Board formation

Mazone thanks Carlos Flores for his resignation to enter the consulate: “He made things easier”

The Generalitat chief noted that 23-Y had “consolidated change in the two months” since the two parties that make it – PP and Vox – stepped up in relation to the last public and regional vote less than two months ago. “We have come out well from unemployment. Change is progressing,” he noted.

Relationship with Catalonia

Bet on an “equal to equal” relationship with Catalonia, “without dependency”

Regarding his relationship with Catalonia, Mazón admitted that this relationship – which is very important on a commercial level – must be taken care of, but “without dependency” and on an “equal level”. With this in mind, he defended his own law of identity marks which, in his opinion, did not conflict with anyone complying with the Constitution.

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