The prosecutor’s office requires six years for the lottery to allocate the amount of 4.7 million

Miguel Riga, A Coruña lottery delegate and brother of the lottery under investigation, upon his arrival at the city courts to testify during the investigation, in 2019.Elisha Wheat

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of A Coruña asks to open an oral trial f The penalty is six years imprisonment of the lottery Manuel Eugenio Rega, head of the administration number 22 of San Agustín Street in the capital of A Coruña, for allegedly appropriating The Primitiva Lottery ticket has awarded more than 4.7 million In the drawing on June 30, 2012. The lottery seller kept the note, according to the Public Ministry, when its true owner, not knowing he had won, went with several bets he had stamped days earlier elsewhere and turned them over to the now-inquisitor for verification. he The rightful owner of the ticket With the combination 10-17-24-37-40-43, resulting from an automatic bet, he died in January 2014 without knowing the winner, but it was identified by the National Police after the exclusion of about 300 people who, during the investigation of this case, came forward confirming that they hold the prize. The Public Prosecutor charges the Lottery, a professional who continues to insist that he is innocent and that he found the ticket lying in his administration, with a crime of fraud or, alternatively, a crime of embezzlement.

He also refers to his brother, Miguel Rega, on that date State delegate for lotteries and gambling in the province of A Coruña, and impute the crime of money laundering or, where applicable, concealment. This is the only charge under trial in this high-profile case, after the A Coruña court last year ordered the case against Four other lottery managers. The former delegate in A Coruña faces a six-year (or three, in case of a cover-up) prison sentence. If it is concluded at trial that he has committed a money laundering offense, the Public Prosecutor’s Office also demands a fine of 9.4 million euros, doubling the value of the prize, and requests the settlement of the original debt of the widow and daughter of the winner from A Coruña.

Lottery alleged in 2012 that a rudimentary combination with the winning combination seemed forgotten in his work and that he could not have known who owned it. in the city He went from hero to alleged villain, from honest to alleged fraud, as the later opened police investigations progressed. The year after the drawing, the City Council opened a “find dossier” to find the winning prize winner, and hundreds of potential millionaires showed up. Faced with this situation, a police investigation was opened and the lottery seller’s version was questioned. The agents concluded that the defendant had hidden the prize from the real owner, a man who used to play various draws and who had come to San Agustín just to check the results, because his bets were closed in a shopping center in another neighborhood in A Coruña.

In his letter to the Investigative Tribunal No. 8 of A Coruña, the Public Prosecutor tells how the winner, without knowing that it was him, gave several lottery receipts, in his weekly routine to check his bets, so that he could pass them through the station. It’s 11:25:39 a.m. when I check out [boleto] identified by the number 178-04948907-045, the following verbatim message appeared on the device screen: highest award. Take the receipt to the delegationprint the receipt at the same time as it expressly states the return obligation: delivery to customers. The receipt is the winner of the June 30, 12 drawing. Prize cat 1″Plaintiff details.

He described the accusation as, “Knowing the large amount of the prize, he kept it for himself with the other tickets.” According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Manuel Riga continued to act normally in front of the lucky client, validating eight more bets he had made. The winner left the administration without any justification and without knowing that he was lucky with 4,722,337.75 euros. When he was alone, the lottery “did a second check of the winning ticket” to “make sure”. Within seconds, he had taken a third test. Hours later, he went to the regional delegation for government lotteries and gambling, at the direction of his brother, “to expedite the procedures for collecting the receipt, and to ignore any organized procedure as if he was the rightful owner,” according to the indictment. Since then, the lottery manager has been “paving the way” for his relative.

“Benefiting from the courteous and cordial treatment he was accorded by reason of his position with members of the State Betting and Lottery Association (SELAE), he falsely called some of them that his brother had found the ticket,” says the attorney general. At the same time, he “overlooked any procedure which, as a provincial delegate, could serve to verify the true origin of the ticket.” From that moment on, the defendants took continuous action to avoid initiating any action that could delay the collection. On July 10, 2012, Miguel Rega handed over the ticket to SELAE and on September 6, without further administrative formalities “and three months before the expiration of the” award “sent a letter to SELAE and attached a request for payment from his brother.”

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The head of the provincial lottery insisted that several writings were written between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, but the legal department of SELAE replied that the legal action is the so-called “find file”. The fraud ended up in 2013 collecting data from an infinite number of people (candidate ticket holders) in the offices of the A Coruña City Council. In writing, the plaintiff notes that the winning ticket “continues to be deposited in SELAE” without charge.

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