The PSC prevails in Catalonia and is again the party with the most votes

The Socialists succeeded in turning Catalonia back into one of their biggest strongholds in general elections. With 19 seats and 34.5% of the vote, the PSC clearly prevailed and regained the title of the party with the most votes. It is a position they have not achieved since 2008, when they got 25 seats with Carme Chacon as a candidate, which allowed José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the most present former president in this election campaign, to re-certify in Moncloa.

“Catalonia spoke and was fundamental and decisive,” said Congress President and head of the PSC list for Barcelona, ​​Meritxell Batet, in her appearance after seeing the results, especially the celebration of the crossing of one million votes in Catalonia and the widening of the difference in the number of deputies with the People’s Party to 13 seats.

The Socialists’ call for an advantageous vote – ‘everything in red’ as they said in the campaign – has had an impact, and Pedro Sanchez’s party has added seven more seats in Catalonia compared to four years’ results. In addition, the good results achieved by the PSC did not penalize their government partners, who achieved a surprising second place, even before the ERC, which won in 2019. The Socialists point out, on this occasion, that they have received more votes than the pro-independence parties combined, although the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez will be in their own hands.

“Spain said no to Figo and Fox, it said yes to a diverse and diverse Spain led by Pedro Sanchez.”

For the party’s leader in Catalonia, Salvador Illa, election night leaves a clear and indisputable conclusion with a focus on Moncloa: “The whole of Spain said no to the Vigo government with Vox will make us come back, they said yes to the government that represents a pluralistic and diverse Spain, and to the leadership of Pedro Sánchez.”

Illa and Batet’s appearance at PSC headquarters in Pallars Street was the culmination of a night that ended in overflowing joy after they were more cautious at the start of the count due to polls giving them far fewer MPs than they ended up with. As the count progressed, they clearly saw that they would save much more than the furniture and that they could be proud of the result obtained. At the party, they also celebrate the 12 senators they got, the three from each county, which is also a historic result for the formation, which just four years ago got two.

But it is not only the number of deputies and disagreement with the rest of the parties that leads to celebration. The Socialists were the party with the most votes of all the Catalan provinces, with 13 seats in Barcelona and two in Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. They also won in the twenty largest cities of Catalonia. They clearly did it in the capital, in Barcelona, ​​receiving more than twice as many votes as the second most voted party, to the delight of the mayor, Jaume Colboni. On the night of the municipal elections, two months ago, after a recount of the votes in the same headquarters on Ballars Street, Colponi showed his conviction that he would end up as mayor despite not being the most voting power. In the end he ended up getting it, a play they now hope to get in Madrid as well.

A list that has become the most voted in the Catalan capital and the map is stained red far from the traditional fiefdoms

The PSC was also the force that got the most votes in the entire metropolitan area, without exception, with a very clear majority in the cities where they had already won resounding victories in the municipal elections, but also in those where they had lost, such as Badalona and Castelldefels.

The socialist hegemony in Catalonia this time has gone much further. The map is stained red even as far away from traditional strongholds as Baix Lobregat and the Socialists have won in places where independence forces have previously won, like Manresa and Berga.

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