The return of the “Grand Prix” is sweeping audiences and is the best TV show of the year

Many shows are returning to television after years, but few have managed to captivate audiences as massively with their resurrection. That was the case Grand prize, The summer competition that is back on Monday at La 1 And he indicated that it is still the “grandfather and child program,” as he recited to his tune. A mixture of nostalgia, a very familiar approach that seeks to unite the family in front of the TV and some novelties (the main ones, No real calves), it managed to attract an average of 2,572,000 viewers throughout its broadcast, which means a share of 26.1% of the screen, data that is very difficult to obtain on television today, and even more so in the summer, when television viewership drops. In fact, it was crowned the best TV show to date in 2023.

In the data published by the consulting company Dos30 based on the information provided by the auditor Kantar, the amazing results obtained by the program among the young audience who were watching TV stand out. In the range from 4 to 12 years, follow-up Grand prize It was 40.2% and among the public between 13 and 24 years old it was 36%. But the appeal it had among audiences that already retained memories of the program stands out: in the range between 25 and 44 years old, the screen share rose to 46.1%. A total of 5,932,000 people watched at least one minute of the contest throughout the broadcast. He also achieved the golden minute for the day, which occurred at 11:29 pm, with the participation of 2,984,000 viewers.

facelift Grand prize Maintains core coordination which premiered on La 1 in 1995 and was broadcast without interruption every summer until 2005. Between 2007 and 2009 it jumped to FORTA channels with Bertin Osborne as host. Its mechanics pits two cities from different parts of Spain against each other, its actors fight in tests of skill in which strikes and humor are constant. Upon its return on Monday, there were new quizzes and highly celebrated crowd classics, such as Hot Potato or Crazy Trunks, that fueled conversation on Twitter to reach 131,000 tweets related to the show from 47,000 different accounts, according to social audience data it published. Barlovento Communications Checker. The program is once again presented by its original host, Ramón García, accompanied by Michel Calvo and ChristineniWho narrates and comments on some of the tests.

Raised anticipation of a return Grand prize It also increased the audience of the daily soap operas that La 1 broadcast a little earlier, 4 starswhich achieved its third best historical data with 10.5% and 1,189,000 viewers. The good day at the first TVE series hearings was rounded off by the big follow-up that counted electoral tailings analysis in 1 hour With Silvia Intxaurrondo and Marc Sala, who acquired 15.3% of the shares, its second best figure in all of 2023, who managed to beat direct competition for the political grouping of Anna Rosa Program, With a share of 14.4% in this division.

success Grand prize Its competitors are left without many options, and only so Brotherson antenna 3, It maintained its usual good data and achieved a rating of 12.4% and 1.2 million viewers. On Telecinco, the movie streamed wrestler It remained at 6.7% and in La Sexta my previous wedding He had to be content with 4.5%.

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